My Pin-Up Girl Dream..

I remember the first time I saw Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’, I thought ‘Wow ! I would love for that to be me !’ The only problem was, she did not really look like me. Nor did any of the other so called ‘pin-up’ models from that era. Ok…I know we have Naomi, Tyra, and Halle, all of whom are amazingly beautiful, but after all this time, shouldn’t there be a longer list ? It was my dream to offer young girls an image that they ALL can relate to. The idea came to me in the form of, ‘Why Not !?’ Why not create my own ‘Big Break’ instead of just waiting for it to come to me, and hopefully inspire along the way. I don’t by any means feel that I am the most beautiful girl in the world, and that is not at all what my upcoming, ‘Nicole: Dreamgirl for All Seasons Swimsuit Calendar’ is about..This project is more of a reflection of art. A reflection of an All-American girl who makes a true effort to display beauty both inside and out. And, I want young girls who come after me to feel as wonderful about themselves as possible.
When I was 15 and entered my first beauty pageant (Miss Texas Teen-which I won), I really did not expect to win. I mean, come on, the other girls had more experience, training, were taller, and maybe had more expensive gowns. But, one thing I did have was determination and a ‘whole lotta heart’. When the crown was placed on my head….correction, each time the crown was placed on my head (I have more than one), I would have visions of Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, and Vanessa Williams, all of whom I thank for the doors they broke down so that I can walk through…So, now, I can only hope that one day as a young girl prepares for a shoot or a pageant, she will have visions of me, and hear me saying, ‘Dream it…Believe it…Make it happen !’
That’s the view from: A Real American Girl

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