Reality Wrap Up- The Real Housewives Do It Again ! Atlanta Cuts One !

Real Housewives of D.C

Cat, Stacie, Mary, Lynda, and Michaele- Real Housewives of D.C

As you may know by now, Bravo began a new franchise, with the ‘Real Housewives of DC’..I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first, but I may be in for a surprise. At first glance, how exciting can like in DC really be ? Aside from the politics. But, leave it to the folks at Bravo to find five feisty, smart, successful women, who don’t mind an occasionally cat fight around the nations’ capitol.

So, enter- Lynda, Michaele, Cat, Mary, and Stacie…Now, there has been ALOT of publicity around Michaele (she and her husband CRASHED a White House dinner, and she later rubbed Whoopi the wrong way on ‘The View’), and honestly, I see why. This lady lives for ATTENTION ! The problem is, she comes across as not knowing what she is talking about, and on the last episode, she ‘hosted’ a party for her friend, and then had her lawyer inform the friend that she would NOT be responsible for paying for the event…Now, that’s tacky.

Stacie Scott Turner- Real Housewives of  D.C

I think the real asset and heart of the show is, realtor, Stacie Scott Turner. She is the only Black female in the cast, has an MBA from Harvard, nice husband, 2 kids, etc…The really interesting thing about Stacie, is the current journey she is on to find her birth parents. She was adopted at 6 months of age and recently located her birth mother…The twist- according to reports, Stacie’s birth mother is white. After growing up thinking she has one heritage, this came as a surprise….we should stay tuned on this.

The rest of the ladies are a combination of- Money, Power, More Money, More Power…, you know, the usual.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Guidice- Real Housewives of New Jersey

Ok..let’s get one thing straight- I LOVE TERESA !!! Yes, she is $ 11 MILLION dollars in debt, but according to Teresa, ‘blame it on the economy’ she likes nice things ! But, seriously, her lifestyle was VERY over the top and she did indulge her kids, beyond reason…But, she’s still got it going on ! She keeps it real, her wardrobe is fabulous, her kids are happy and well taken care of, and as far as her debt goes….I am not her creditor…in case you missed it, this is what put her on the map…(click link)

Real Housewives of Atlanta- It’s On !! Again !!

Sheree Whitfield, NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burress, Kim Zolciak, Cynthia Bailey, and Phaedra Parks

Now, this is where the action REALLY is ! Those ‘southern belles with balls’ are back for Round…I mean, Season 3 in the ATL ! NeNe and Greg are having serious marriage problems….could it be because he is broke ? Sheree wants to be an actress and win an Oscar, Kim is….Kim, Kandi is recovering from the murder of her ex-fiance, new girl Cynthia is still a little mystery…All we know is that she is a model and single mom. But, one original housewife was axed from this season. No more Lisa and her hunky husband, Ed. Can’t say that I will really miss them….I mean Ed was hot !! But, I think Lisa was a little on the phony side…Oh, well, out with old and in with Phaedra ! Now, this lady is sure to bring some scrutiny…She is a successful lawyer, married to a younger man, who happens to have served time in PRISON ! According to Phaedra, ‘He is no different from Martha Stewart. It was a white collar crime.’ I sense, DRAAAAAAMA !! Let’s watch the clip of this coming season :

October 4th on Bravo ! Get out your martini’s and put on your boxing gloves !

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’

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  1. yup, Mrs. Lisa said NO to this season, she'll be in like 3 episodes, but she will not be in the opening shot where the girls are holding the peaches…the network wanted Lisa to change her life to be more “drama-filled” and Lisa was like “Nope!”…I think she was messy on the slick ANYWAYS!

  2. I am soooo with you on that ! All kinds of stuff about why she lost custody of her oldest sons…she was a phony ! But, Mrs. parks is gonna take over- watch !

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