The Real Deal on the Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I told you they would be back, bold, beautiful, and bitchin’ as ever…The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back on deck !! Nene and her new nose, Kim and her new wig (and, something else was new,but we will get back to that), Kandi has a new man (if you recall, her fiance AJ passed away last season), and Sheree wants to be an Actress…OK….The season premiere introduced the first of the 2 new housewives : Phaedra Parks…She is a far cry from the never ending boredom of Lisa Wu (Keith Sweat’s ex wife) and her ultra handsome hubby Ed..Phaedra is a successful attorney to the stars, very stylish, and smart…and, yes, she just married a man who spent six years in prison. Now, having said that, let me make it clear : I don’t care what you say, that lady is BOSS ! She knew what she was doing, and she did say that there was a PRENUP ! I just can’t be mad at her..Check out the video below, as Kim And Sheree find out about Phaedra’s hubby. But remember, ‘I ain’t mad at her !’

This season, Kim announced that she was Bisexual..last year she was a country singer, was gonna marry ‘Big Poppa the Billionaire’, claimed to have been victimized by NeNe/Lisa/Sheree/the pizza man, and everyone else in the ATL…, and the funny thing is, every time something happens to this female, she runs to OK ! Magazine or US Weekly, for counseling, I guess…Yet, she wonders why Sheree calls her a ‘media whore’…Now, those are Sheree’s words, not mine..wink..

As for Sheree, last year she wanted to be Vera Wang, and now she has aspirations of an Oscar…The award, not a man by that name….Well, let me say, SO DO I !!! Only difference is, I have studied,( and still am) gone on several auditions, done Theater, Television, and Film, and consider Acting my life long dream. But, the reality is, with the ‘fame’ she is getting from the show, who knows…The Wayans Brothers may call…I will keep my fingers crossed !

Nene…I have not forgotten about you…enough has been said about her nose, so I will leave that alone. I am more curious about how she can say that Phaedra is not fabulous, but, Kim and Sheree are ?! I think it sends a poor message on the climate in Atlanta, when a successful businesswoman (who is self made and not capitalizing off her husband), who is well mannered, gracious, and has a great sense of style is NOT considered fabulous, but the ex-wife of an NFL player who let her house get foreclosed, and a single mother who openly dates a married man in front of her children, relies on him for the sole support of her family, while ‘toying’ with a music career IS ?! Maybe we should re-examine that, later in the season.. But, I will say, that was TOO funny when NeNe went off on Dwight !! Not sure if I would have done that at someone else’s party, in a room full of people, but she had to get him…But, don’t forget about NeNe’s husband, Greg, I think he will have some explaining to do in the next few weeks…I am staying tuned for that ! And, Dwight, I never thought I would say this, but, QUIT LYING !!! You did NOT put $ 30,000 into Sheree’s fashion show, nor did u loan Greg $ 10,000 ! Come on Dwight, I am like Greg, now, “Do u have it ?’

Just for laughs click the video of the beating Dwight took from NeNe..

On to DC….the entire Season Finale, dealt with the fake, phony, lying, party crashing, 1970’s limo riding, Michaele and Tareq Salahi…You know, the couple who crashed the White House State Dinner last November…Well, in the episode, Michaele is seen ‘looking’ for her invitation (she knew she didn’t have one) and Tareq informed her that she ‘did not need it.’ Now, I just can’t beat this horse anymore, because we know and they know what they did. But, it was the reaction from the other housewives (especially Cat) that really made it interesting. Stacy tried to be a friend, give them the benefit of the doubt, and a chance to explain, but they basically shut her down. Stacy you are a real friend for at least trying to get through to those grifters… I just can’t wait until the reunion, so they can be put on FULL BLAST, and watch them squirm….

Here is a sneak peek of the Real Housewives of DC Reunion !

That’s just the view of A Real American Girl !

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