My view on ‘The View’..Yeah, the Bill O’ Reilly episode..

Bill O’Reilly on The View

In case you have not heard ( where have you been ?), but last Thursday on the hit Daytime Talk Show-‘ The View’, Bill O’ Reilly made some controversial statements regarding the building of a Muslim Mosque, near ground zero. The statement that it was wrong since ‘Muslims killed us on 911′, caused such rage in co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, that they got up and walked off of the stage. That move, left a stunned Elizabeth Hasslebeck, and Sherri Shepherd….Barbara WaWa on the other hand…seemed a little ticked. “What just happend, should not have happend,’ said BW. ‘We should be able to sit and have discussions on these topics, without getting enraged.’ After an apology from O’Reilly, the ladies returned to the stage and finished the interview.

Now, the fall out. Ratings for both the O’Reilly Factor (shown on Fox network) and The View shot up this week, with O’Reilly milking his spot on the show and replaying the walk out clip, over and over. Some people thought Joy and Whoopi were right to walk out. Some say they were wrong. Some think Barbara should have stood up more for her co-hosts. On today’s episode, BW and the ladies responded to the incident. Here is what they had to say :

Well, since everyone else has had their say…here goes mine :

1. Don’t ever walk off of the job– In all of the years that I have watched that show,I always admired the fact that these ladies speak their mind, and stand their ground with anyone who encounters them. And, since O’Reilly has been on the show before, they knew what he was like, and it makes it more suprising that they stormed off they way they did. But, maybe that’s why I love them….You just never what to expect, but one thing is for sure…They got guts.

2. Barbara Wa Wa ( and I call her that with love) has spent 50 years interviewing some of the most notorious, controversial, and infamous people of this century and she has always managed to maintain grace in any situation. I could tell by the look on her face, when her co-hosts ( and let’s face it- her employees) walked off the job, that she was not at all happy. When she said, ‘That should not have happend’, in translation, I heard : ‘Joy, Whoopi, get your butt back out here,and do your job !’ I can only imagine, the dressing room meeting after that show.

3. There is a serious lack of understanding on the part of some of us in this country. There was once a time when Black people were the enemy…Then it was the Jews…The Catholics…The Irish…The Mexicans…Now, the Muslims. Oh, this was all in America, by the way. I certainly don’t think that all people should be condemned for the acts of some. Just as Timothy McVeigh or David Koresh should not be reflections of all White people. Who ever heard of condemning an entire race, religion, or creed….Certainly not, in America ?

That’s just the view of  ‘A Real American Girl’

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