Is She Crazy ?- Clarence Thomas’ Wife Wants Apology

Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill-Time Magazine

Although I was only a kid when this first happened, I do remember watching the hearings and over the years hearing about this case. When the confirmation hearings were first held, twenty years ago, I remember thinking, ‘ How gross..’ Who would do and say the things that this lady ( Anita Hill) is accusing him of. I also recall hearing views on both sides: ‘ She is lying because she wanted him’…’ She is being used to bring a Black man down..’, or ‘He was a pervert.’.

Fast forward, twenty years later….And, this can of worms has reopened, at the hands of Virginia Thomas, wife of , Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. Ginny Thomas called Anita Hill (keep in mind that the two have NEVER met) and asked that after all of these years, Ms. Hill should apologize for ‘what she did to her husband..’ PLEASE click the link below…

That brings me to ask one question: IS SHE CRAZY ?! First of all, who makes a call like that after 20 years, and leaves a VOICE MESSAGE ?! If she felt the audacity to make such a request, the very least she should have done is ask for a face to face meeting. Why not, be a real woman and face your husbands’ accuser ? Now, you are probably wondering, whether or not, I believe the accusations that Ms. Hill made against Clarence Thomas. Well, for the record : I BELIEVE EVERY SINGLE WORD !! O.k, we got that out of the way.

I also have to mention the huge change in attitude over this in the last 20 years. I remember vividly hearing people say over and over, ” Why is SHE doing this to him ?” or ‘She must have wanted him.” Now, fast forward 20 years, and those SAME people have switched views and are now very PRO-HILL. What has changed ? I feel that in the early 90’s society and especially the political world were still very MALE dominated. We did not have a woman Secretary of State, nor did we have a woman on the VP Presidential ticket, and talking about ‘things like that’ were still very taboo. But, over the years, we have seen, high school teachers preying on their students, a harsher look at sexual harassment in the workplace, and a call for women to speak out and speak up when they are victimized. Alot has changed in 20 years.

As a young woman, I must admire Ms. Hill for being the ‘voice of a generation’ on this issue. I find it hard to believe that she would put herself through ALL that she has had to endure for the sake of revenge. I think Ginny Thomas is the ONLY one who may think her husband is worth all of that. But, it does make me wonder…if those confirmation hearings were being held today, and Ms. Hill were making those accusations, would Clarence Thomas be sitting on the highest court in the land ?

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’

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  1. Yes She Is! Seriously What is the Purpose of Bringing This Back Up after All These Many Years…I have to admit I did not believe Ms Hill when she first came out thought she was being used by one of the political parties to keep him from being the next justice because he was Black…..but the more I watched her speak and never waiver from her testimony, I knew I was wrong about her and I was like…..Clarence Your A Dirty Dog!

  2. Oh this just nearly set me off when I first saw the story of Virginia Thomas wanting an apology. She has got to be out of her mind. Just because she has drank and swallowed the Clarence Koolaid does not translate into the rest of America. As the father of two daughters I have no faith in the system to protect them from such men.

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