Bin Laden is Dead….So, now what ?

The scene at Ground Zero when it was announced that Bin Laden was dead.

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When I walked into one of my favorite restaurants, I expected to hear chatter and laughter. Instead, it was unusually quiet. I said, ‘Hey’ to the server and he just pointed at the TV. I looked and there across the CNN bulletin, the words: Osama Bin Laden is Dead. And, there I stood with the rest of them. Was this real ? Did they REALLY get him ? The questions swirled in my head until I came to realization that it was true. A 10 year nightmare had reached an explosive ending. The World’s Most Wanted Fugitive, had been captured and killed by U.S Navy Seals…WOW ! The next 24 hours for me were consumed by CNN and FOX News. I wanted to know everything. Who was there ? How many people ? What did they have in the form of weapons ? And, how many WIVES did this fool have ? It is alot of information to take in, and of course, the story keeps changing. For example, the ‘human shield’ that they kept referring to was actually a woman who was caught in the crossfire. And, for those who are MORBIDLY awaiting the photos of a dead Bin Laden (who am I kidding, I am a ‘little’ curious also), President OBAMA said today that he WILL NOT release the photos due to ‘possible violence from the Bin Laden supporters. We don’t want to gloat.’ I can appreciate that.

I can also appreciate that it took President Obama 3 years to accomplish what President Bush could not do in 8. Now, I realize that some of my followers are Bush supporters, and it so happens that President Bush is now My neighbor. Well, he lives across the freeway, down 2 blocks, make a right, go up 3 streets, turn right, and enter the neighborhood, but it’s still close enough. I wish him no ill will, and look forward to meeting him and his wife very soon..However, facts are facts. This happened on the Obama watch. And, folks, that means something. And, oh, yes, the NAVY SEALS ! I can not wait to see them on the cover of Time Magazine as ‘Men of The Year’. Not knowing what to expect or whether they would come out alive, these Men went in, and ‘executed’ their mission. Well done, gentlemen. Well done.

No need to comment on Sarah ‘Show the Picture’ Palin. All I can say is, she is pretty. I was pleased that the President received due credit from both sides, but once the glow fades..we shall see..

Now, there is one question on my mind. Now, that Bin Laden is dead, what happens now ? Who do we fear ? Who do we hunt ? As most of you, I will never forget September 11. Where I was ? What I was doing ? And, how I felt when I saw the Towers fall. Since that day, we as a country have never been the same. We don’t travel the same. Many of our practices had to be altered, or put under scrutiny because there are so many ‘security clearances.’ And, through it all, one thing was a constant wish..solution…GET BIN LADEN ! Well, now we got him. Are we safe ? Sure,we feel better in the form of justice for those who we lost. But, I am curious as to what other impact this may have on our country. Does this secure Obama’s re-election ? Does the business community feel more confident, therefore maybe a boost in the economy ? This has to mean something. We have to MAKE it mean something. This was not just for revenge.

My personal feeling : Bin Laden had to be captured. He knew he would not ALLOW himself to be taken alive. That wish was the last thing Osama Bin Laden got from the United States.

           God Bless the U.S Navy Seals, President Barack Obama, and the United States of America

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’

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  1. This was a great read. I still ponder if his replacement will be a suicidal blood thirsty lunatic that hates America and what it stands for 300 times worse than Osama Bin Laden did. I hope and pray that is not the case.

  2. Reports are that they are already on to someone else…This story will keep evolving..

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