Ryan Dunn, Roger Ebert, Casey Anthony…What a week !

Bam Margera, Roger Ebert, and Roger Dunn
First, let me start by saying that the family of  actor, Ryan Dunn has my condolences on their loss. However, I would also like to extend my condolences to the family of the PASSENGER, who is seldom mentioned. Now, here is the short version: Ryan Dunn drove drunk, killed himself and someone else. That same day, Film Critic, Roger Ebert tweeted, ‘Friends Don’t let Jackasses drive drunk.’ Bam Margera, who was Dunn’s best friend, tweeted back, ‘Shut your fat f**cking mouth !” I have heard several people say, ‘Roger should have waited.’ or Have some compassion because someones son died. OK…Let us remember that he also KILLED someones son ! And, what if he had killed more people on the road? What if he had killed a child ? We are doing the family of the passenger a disservice by making Dunn a Martyr. Although the friend was aware that Dunn had been drinking, he at least had the sense not to drive. Roger Ebert comes from an era, where the rules were simple: ‘Don’t drink and drive’ ‘Take responsibility for your actions.’ ‘Hold OTHERS accountable’. And, for the record, it was revealed shortly after TWITTERGATE that Ryan’s blood alcohol was .196! That is TWICE the legal limit ! And, he was driving 140 mphin a 55 zone ! What is wrong with us ? We want to jump on Roger for telling the truth…And, in reference to timing, when is a good time to show young people the consequences of this behavior ? A week ? Two ? After the image is not as fresh and a new story has come along to make this less important. If anyone had bad timing, it was Mr. Dunn. Choosing to end his life, and that of another, too soon.Take the poll on the right: Should Roger have waited ? Also, please comment..
Casey Anthony, on trial in Florida for killing her daughter in 2008.
Unfortunately, there is no short version to this story,and there will be no happy ending. In 2008, Casey Anthony told her mother that Caseys’ 2 year old daughter, Caylee had gone missing. Kidnapped by the babysitter. When asked, when was the last time she saw her daughter, Casey replied: ’31 days ago.’ The story takes off from there. First, she said the babysitter had her, lead the police on a wild goose chase, only to find that there was NO BABYSITTER ! To make matters worse, during the time that the child was ‘missing’, Casey was seen in nightclubs partying into the late hours. So where was Caylee ? Six months after being reported missing, the remains of 2 year old Caylee Anthony were found in the woods, just a short distance from the family home.
For the full back story go here:
NOW 3 years later,as the trial begins, the defense, says that ‘Caylee accidentally DROWNED !’ And, to make matters worse, the defense is trying to make Caseys’ father, George Anthony a suspect in his granddaughters death ! Yet, they still stand by their daughter, as they have all along. This case has become more of a conspiracy to cover up, and it may take more than one trial to uncover the layers of lies, told by this family. We can only wait. Rest in peace, Caylee.
I am watching the trial everyday on HLN, and you should follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/msnicolebarrett for up to the minute news on this never ending saga.
That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’

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