Reasonable Doubt

Caylee Marie Anthony

Unless you live in a cave, you already know the history of this case, so I will start with where we are now- NOT GUILTY. That is according to the Florida jury. Now, several questions remain. The first: ‘Why did they acquit ? Could they not see ?’ See what, exactly ? That she was irresponsible..we got that. Had little regard for human life..absolutely. She was a compulsive betcha ! Took tacky photos while drinking…confirmed ! Did the prosecution prove she committed murder…Let’s talk about that. Before you get in an uproar, please understand that I do not work for the defense. I, like anyone else, was on the side of justice. But, unlike some people, I need facts when it comes to sending someone to the Death chamber. Hard to believe I’m from Texas, right ?

Now, here are the facts: A child is dead. She was buried in the woods by someone. That concludes our facts. The rest of this case, rested on theories. And, if we relied on theory to send people to Death Row-people, we would REALLY be in trouble. Yet, that is what the Florida DA wanted from 12 citizens who came from all walks of life. This was not a simple case. Not Andrea Yates, who admitted to drowning her children. Or Susan Smith, who was flat out caught in her web of lies. This case was like an empty well that they tried desperately (and it is desperate when you call in ‘odor experts’) to fill it up. At first, it seemed like it might work. The DA’s wheel was spinning hard, and spinning fast. As long as nothing happened to throw a wrench in it.

And, then, there was Jose Baez. The guy with the wrench. Born in Puerto Rico, raised in the Bronx and South Florida. A high school DROPOUT, who later got his GED, went to community college, and then Florida State. After years of a mediocre career (including ethical violations, yeah, I know), he stepped into the courtroom over a month ago, and announced to the court that ‘Caylee Marie Anthony accidentally DROWNED in her pool.’ And, so it begins. The WORLD’S jaw dropped. Some call it a lie. Some call it brilliant. And, every sin known to Man that could occur in one family, occurred within the Anthony home-according to Baez. When you add up-smells, partying, lies, and a tattoo…That still, does not equal Murder. Beyond a reasonable doubt.


And, for the record, although they still have my sympathy, George and Cindy Anthony have a share of responsibility in this as well. You can only do so much for Adult children until you have to make them take responsibility for their own actions.

There has also been criticism for the Prosecution: Maybe they should NOT have sought the Death Penalty with such limited evidence. Maybe. There has been criticism for Nancy Grace and her bulldog, biased, sensationalized approach to this case. Casey was convicted in the court of public opinion 3 yeas ago via an 8pm cable show, by a former Prosecutor who certainly makes more money ‘talking’ about Justice, than actually seeking it. I don’t want to add to the criticism, therefore, I have nothing to say.

I’m not sure what happend to Caylee. But, I am willing to bet that she may still be alive if she had not had Casey as a mother. The possible profit that this woman stands to gain is unlimited. But, as my favorite book states, ‘What profit a man to gain the whole world, only to lose his soul.’ She has no idea the Hell she faces ‘outside’ of prison walls. At the age of 25, when she could be a model, a businesswoman, or anything she wanted to be..Instead, she is a Pariah, ostricized,hated, what company will hire her ? What neighborhood wants her ? Friends, her Life Sentence has BEGUN. And, instead of the safety of prison, among other sociopaths, she will have to serve it in the Real World. And, we are ALL her Wardens. Believe me, there is some justice in that.

In the end, this is a very sad tale. No winners. No heroes. I’m not sure what the lesson is, but maybe that will come in time. But, please don’t let the lesson be that we should not believe in the Justice system. It is because our system is based on evidence and not imagination that our system is still the best in the world. Look, those jurors had nothing to gain by setting her free.

Except the ability to sleep at night.

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’

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  1. Nicole that was very articulate and well written! Exactly how I feel. Awesome!!

  2. Nicole, this was very well presented and thought-out. I was disappointed when the jury found her not-guilty, but, I didn't have the rage that some seem to have over it. I figured those poor jurors had given a significant portion of their lives, not to mention psychological well-being, enduring the trial and, then, the deliberation. None of us were there with them every day. If there wasn't sufficient evidence, no matter what everyone “felt” they were right to acquit. They did their best. What was there to gain by finding her innocent, otherwise? In hindsight, a lesser endictment might have been more appropriate and more prosecutable. Who knows? Can't have it both ways. Like you, though, any semblance of a normal life was over for her when her child died, maybe, before that. If like, you say, she is a sociopath, she has little or no remorse, so, a feeling of guilt isn't possible for her. But, she will always be that poor child's mother, no matter what good happens to her in the future. And, truly, I hope that something good happens in her life. Otherwise, more lives will be irreparably damaged in her wake.

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