‘Big Rich Texas’- What Did You Expect?

This is so BIG, I have to do it in two parts! In this blog (Part 1) an EXCLUSIVE Post-premiere interview with one of the stars of ‘Big Rich Texas’: Dr. Bonnie Blossman !

BIG RICH TEXAS-- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Poe, Maddie Poe, Connie Dieb, Grace Dieb, Bonnie Blossman, Whitney Whatley, Leslie Birkland, Kalyn Niccole Braun, Hannah Gelbert Martin, Pamela Martin Duarte -- Photo by: Kwaku Alston/Style Network

Finally! Something close to home. Something I can really get into. A show that gives me all of the material I could possible need to last around the watercooler ALL week! Actually, we don’t have a watercooler at my Worldwide Headquarters ( home office of my condo), my cooler is Twitter, but you get my point. For those of you who missed it ( and I can’t imagine anyone who did), the Style Network scooped Bravo by creating ‘Big Rich Texas’. An alternative to being swallowed into the abyss of a..Dare I say it ? A Franchise ?! The Real Housewives of Dallas ? I don’t think so. We are better than that. We are BIGGER than that! And, original. Thank you, Style Network. Thank you. Five women (Connie, Pamela, Leslie, Melissa, and Bonnie) with money and time, sharing the challenges of being fabulous. Living, working, socializing,and doing what they do on Reality Shows. Being real…entertaining. Oh, yes, they had my FULL attention. And, apparently some of yours. The internet was buzzing with Blog after Blog and Blah after Blah about the ’embarrassment’. Oh, and my favorite,‘Texas women are NOT like that.‘ Really ? Well, I just met 5 women who are. I saw another 5 at Cafe Pacific last week (yeah, I’m name dropping the locales), and pretty much all over the metroplex, depending on the circle you’re in. So, I have to ask my fellow viewers. In the town that was ‘redeemed’ from the Kennedy assassination in ’63, by giving the world JR EWING (shout out to the Casting Directors of the new Dallas, I need an audition!); a town that holds the most famous football team in history; a state that has more Pageant winners than any other (go ahead smarty pants, look it up); the center of the phrase, ‘Bigger, Better, Best’…Just curiuos, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? I guess the title, ‘BIG RICH TEXAS’ could have been confusing.

Here are the key points from the first episode: Will BQ (‘Beauty Queen’)Leslie be accepted into the Woohaven Country Club ? Major nail biter…YES! She got in..I know, I know..I was on the edge of my seat too. Thank goodness, it all worked out. Now, Bonnie (Dr. ‘Hottie’, a SCIENTIST) has a daughter with an interesting tatoo (that seemed Taboo). I admit, I too was shocked to see ‘CU**’ in writing (blurred of course), but, well…look, you know I can’t explain that. I’m just glad she had it removed. Your FABULOUS Whitney! Melissa (‘Nicey Nice’) joined the club to meet a man. M, I checked out the crowd at the gala….Why don’t you just meet me for drinks at Al’s instead ?… Pam (‘Badass Boss Blonde‘-what did you think I would say?), shall we say, ‘doesn’t hold back’. I will tell you now, I LIKE that chick!..’Cute Connie’ dares to sell ‘consigned’ clothes for a living. By the way, I shop at her store, and I don’t care who wore the clothes first, dead or alive, they were never as fabulous as me in them. Check mate.

Now what would a Reality Show be without a little friction. Enter: Pamela and Bonnie, or as they will be known in this blog, “Pannie“. Since I like them both, I have decided to stay neutral, but real. So keep being yourselves ladies, and I ‘got your backs.’ In this corner, a ‘bubbly free spirit who aims to dis-please'(Bonnie)..In that corner, ‘a take no prisoners, tell it like it is, Southern Dame'(Pamela)…Ding! Round One..These two make it no secret that they are ‘less than fond of each other’, and honestly, it is a joy to watch! Goodbye, ‘So nice to see you’, behind that fake smile, and Hello, ‘ I don’t know whether to greet you, or dance under you!’ (Pam to Bonnie)…No longer are we confined to , ‘May I have a word with you?’..The phrase of the moment is, ‘Take the corn cob out of your A$$!’ (Bonnie to Pam)..So, refreshing!

Here are a few of the criticisms, I have heard so far:

The Country Club ‘thing’: Well, of course. Where else can ladies gossip in private? On the phone? How common. Someone even said, for the sake of accuracy, that they should have used the Dallas Country Club. You know: Very exclusive, Very upscale, Very rich, etc..Not sure if it would suit me. Or, if I would suit them. I just prefer a place a little more colorful. If you need to think about that, you must not be from here. The Botox: DUH?! Did we forget after they rolled the credits, just where in the Sam Houston we are ?!  The Pageants: OK, I am a Pageant Girl, so shut your mouth. I have nothing but love for BQ Leslie.

And, somewhere in between, someone was said to look like a hooker and there were some teenagers with condoms. That’s how it goes down at Woodhaven. Now, what did I do with that membership application?

Now, all of this did pique my curiosity! And,being the curious kitty that I am, I immediately got on the horn and tracked down, not one, but TWO of the stars, and was granted an interview from each! Oh, surely you’re not surprised. Who am I again? Well, O.K maybe you will know after this blog ! The ‘free spirited’ Dr. Blossman was the first to agree to my request.

 Here is what Dr. ‘Hottie’ (as she will be known in this blog) had to say:

Dr. Bonnie Blossman (standing) and daughter Whitney (seated)

 How did you get on the show?

The Producers knew me from other projects and I was also a finalist for Big Brother 7.

You are a Biology Professor, correct ?

Yes, I have my degree from University of North Texas. But, it is really a hobby. I am actually an Author. (You know, I was thinking of becoming an Astronaut-as a hobby. WOW!)

There seems to be a big deal about the country club being in Ft. Worth. Can you explain?

It is called BIG RICH TEXAS. Not Big Rich ‘Dallas’. We are from all over the metroplex. (Excellent point. I see why she is a Professor.)

Did you know the other cast members prior to filming ?

Yes. We are ALL members of Woodhaven. Leslie and I are best friends now!

Are you concerned about negative stereotypes ? Or viewers who say that Texas Women are not ‘like that?’

Obviously some of us are! I really don’t care what anyone thinks. You only live once!

Can we expect more fireworks between you and Pam?

What do you think ? (laughs) Whitney will have some lively interactions as well. It will be interesting.

I kept it short, and Dr. Hottie is just as sweet as she seems on the show. Believe me, I would tell you if she wasn’t. Wink. We will talk more throughout the season. I have a feeling there will be ALOT to talk about!

 Sorry to disappoint, by not ‘bashing’ these ladies like so many others. Not that I wouldn’t if needed, but I just don’t feel like it. The truth is- I LIKE THEM! Right now, I am on board and looking forward to next week. But, if that changes in any way, I will let you know. Of course, those of you who have formed negative opinions already, are not expected to change your mind as the season goes. Just go ahead, and stir the negativity if that is what you need to do…Bless your heart.

**tomorrow PART 2 with an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pamela Martin-Duarte. Oh, it’s on !

                                           That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’           



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  1. I watched this show expecting it to be another “housewives” rendition, but was gleefully wrong. These ladies are so over the top with the plastic surgery and the teenage rebellion. I see a sleeper hit in the making.

  2. Daniel Tarango

    Hi Nicole, I read your review and I went on line and viewed some clips and want to know….. Why aren’t you on this show? I would like to add that the New Dallas Texas has more ethinics groups and I would personally add some more colour to the show. ie.. an African-America, an Asian and or Native American who fit the criteria of the show. This is just an observation and my point of view, but when I you go out on the town DFW area this is what I see..

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