Big Rich Texas, Episode 2- EXCLUSIVE Interview w/Leslie Birkland

BIG RICH TEXAS– Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Poe, Maddie Poe, Connie Dieb, Grace Dieb, Bonny Myer, Whitney Whatley, Leslie Birkland, Kalyn Niccole Braun, Hannah Gelbert Martin, Pamela Martin Duarte — Photo by: Kwaku Alston/The Style Network

That’s right, I went back for more…And this week, now that the pleasant introductions are over, we can get down to business. I knew this show would be more than , hair, boobs, and money. They would dig deep into the social issues that are present in our society. This week: Beauty Pageants. Finally, we can address something major. Oh, and Whitney (Bonnie’s 22 year old daughter) wants bigger boobs. Girl! I will get to you in a minute.

Here is the story: Leslie (‘BQ’), offered to train Grace, Maddie, and Kailyn for a Beauty Pageant. Now, one rule I live by is : Never do a Pageant with your friends. Will explain later. These girls were generally pleasant. I understand Kailyn (Leslie’s god-daughter) being more focused, because this is her life. I’ve been there. But, believe me, you can’t go there with friends. You have to remind yourself, there is only ONE crown. Per category, in this episode. Grace (Connie’s daughter) won the Princess Division, and Kailyn won the Supreme Category. Dang, that crown was big! They could have eased up on that.

Of course there was some criticism. Pam (‘Badass Boss Blonde or BBB’) and Hannah pointed out that being a Debutante is ‘different’ from being a Beauty Queen. You are correct, there are a dozen Debs, but only ‘One is chosen to wear the crown, and the title.’  MWAH, ladies and kiss kiss! ‘Cute Connie’ jumped right on board, as I  knew she would. She and Grace have that ‘competitive’ spirit and drive necessary to maneuver in the cut throat world of Pageantry.  No Guts, No Glory!

Now, ‘Nicey Nice’ Melissa surprised me a little in this episode. I was not expecting her to allow Maddie to compete and then not sure why she was so angry with Leslie. It was Maddie who backed out at the last minute, and I am all for standing by your daughter, but I will say, not staying to at least support Grace and Kailyn…Well…I may follow up with you on that.

Bonnie (Dr. Hottie), I ‘m not giving you much print today, until you agree to turn over that pink top, skirt and shoes. Girl, that outfit was FIERCE! But, I hope you stand your ground when it comes to  ‘BreastGate’. Whitney, size D stands for ‘Done’. And, take your a$$ to class!

I had a chance to have a long and fun chat with Leslie Birkland (Known As ‘BQ’ for Beauty Queen) and after the first 2 minutes, it was like talking to a college roommate:

Leslie Birkland-Big Rich Texas

Tell us about your pageant history

I was Ms. Washington United States, and went on to win Ms. United States of America. Actually,  did not start in pageants until after I married and had children.

What did you do before that?

I began modeling in my teens and by the time I was 17, I was living in Paris. (Leslie met John Casablanca, and that was a major stepping stone). I went on to start a Teen Modeling Agency, which I ran for years.

Tell us a little about your childhood

My parents divorced when I was 8. Mom was now single with two kids, so we went on food stamps. When the school year began, I had a choice between a pair of pants or shoes. That was it. I never knew the joy of ‘school shopping.’ When we did not have electricity, my little brother and I got dressed in front of the oven. We never took vacations, and sometimes my friends would ‘feel sorry for poor Leslie’, so they would take me on their family vacations. That made me feel poor.

On this weeks episode, you offered to train Kailyn, Maddie, and Grace for the same pageant. Did you really think that was wise?

I saw nothing wrong with it, because friends compete in the same pageant all the time where we are from.

***Allow me (Nicole) to interject. They are from CALIFORNIA! There is no way,I would have competed with friends. It’s like swimming with sharks. You don’t think they will bite..until you see the teeth. Now, back to Leslie:

Were you surprised when Maddie decided not to compete?

I was BLINDSIDED. She seemed really excited.

What about asking the girls to lose weight? You have been criticized for that.

Let me clarify. I advised them on eating healthy. And, suggested they lose a little. I never wanted them to be super thin. Pageant girls are not that skinny. That is more in the modeling world.

You were also on Millionaire Matchmaker. What was that like?

I had a great time. Although, my date and I did not secure a match, he did have another date on the show. And, she turned out to be a MAN!

Don’t you love Reality Television?

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’

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  1. I love Leslie so much! You have never met a more genuine person and she is brilliant 🙂

  2. Michelle Rojas

    What year was Leslie Miss United States of America? I looked it up and couldn’t find her as the winner EVER???

  3. I’m confused. Leslie said she’s from Washington…then when she responds about helping friends in pageants, you say she’s from Cali. ??

  4. I can’t find her in Miss Washington or Miss USA. I think shes a he.

  5. Does anyone know which episode of Millionaire Matchmaker Leslie was on? I want to watch it and I cannot find it anywhere!!!

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