Big Rich Texas-Episode 3, EXCLUSIVE interview w/Whitney Whatley ‘BAM!’

Dr. Bonnie Blossman (standing) and daughter Whitney (seated)


I am OFFICIALLY the #1 Fan of the new hot Reality Show, ‘Big Rich Texas’! As a former Reporter, now Actress, I still have that curiousity bug, and this show has given me a FEVER! I will be a dedicated Blogger for this show, throughout the season. The show is so BIG, I gave it it’s on page! Be sure to check back here every week , for recaps, INTERVIEWS W/CAST, and of course, my totally BIASED opinon of the week’s episode! Stay tuned..


I knew it would not be long, before we had our first ever ‘Whitney Episode’. This girl, has a way of getting people talking. From the tattoos (one in particular caused a stir. Refer to Episode 1 Blog.), to her ‘shocking dialogue’, whenever she appears on screen, I just have to say: BAM!   But, in all fairness, there was another MAJOR event in this episode, besides Whitney. Sorry, Whit, but I will get to you in a minute. O.k, here we go:

First, ‘Cute Connie’ staged a fashion show for her store ‘Uptown Consignment.’ All of the ladies were scheduled to  model, but of course, there were a few unexpected events. The most disappointing for me, was that Pam (the ‘BBB’) cold not model as planned, because she was still in Spain. Her husband, Ignacio is from Spain and they were there attending a wedding. Now, Pam (‘BBB”) the way you were rocking that green blouse (or was it a dress?),I was really looking forward to seeing you hit the runway, Tyra Banks style…But, we won’t take it personally. Leslie “BQ” graciously offered to assist and model in the show. But, Connie was not expecting so much input from Leslie, in the production department. I know how you both feel. Leslie, in the pageant world, we gain all of the skills that most supermodels posses, but we have to display those skills with a crown on our head. And…we have to speak. It is not easy for others to understand ‘the calling’. And, Connie…Well, girl it was YOUR show, and you let ‘cuz’ (Leslie is Connie’s cousin) know! My advice to you is: Don’t ask for advice. Just DO YOU ! But, I make it a policy not to interfere in family arguments.

There were some issues at the Country Club, when Leslie suggested changes in Tennis attire, to include the option of  bright colors. Then, Hannah (Pam’s daughter) decided to throw a backyard party, against her mother’s wishes. Now, ‘H’, I cut you some slack last week for having the chauffeured town car (that was supposed to pick you up and drive to  the airport), drive you ALL THE WAY from college (in Missouri) to Dallas. That was just BOSS! What can I say, you got it like that. But, tonite, you knew ‘doggone well‘ that when Mama says, ‘No House Party’..that includes the backyard. But, girl…..they way you can spin an explanation, and based on recent events, you may have a future as a defense attorney! I will keep you in mind. Oh, I almost forgot, ‘What up Pam?

Now, it was at this, now infamous ‘Hannah’s Not House, But Instead Backyard Party’ that it ALL WENT DOWN: Whitney vs. Kailyn over Tyler. OK, let me back up. Kailyn (Leslie’s God daughter) has a crush on Leslie’s son, Tyler. Yes, Kailyn, you do. Well, Whitney also liked Tyler. Kailyn, suggested that Tyler would not be interested in a ‘slut’. Meaning Whitney. Whitney replied, ‘ Which is worse, being a slut of being in love with your (God)brother?’  Oh, no they did’nt ! Actually Whitney, it depends on which part of the south you are from. I’m KIDDING! Wink. The fight between Whitney and Kailyn did not reach ‘Basketball Wives’ level, but it was close. In all reality, these were just two girls who like the same guy. Gee, I wonder if that has happened before. I thought Whitney handled herself well on the date, and she went home afterwards. Good job, Whit!

Side note to both sweet young ladies: NEVER fight over a man. Kailyn, never let another girl see you sweat. And, Whitney..close that mouth. For someone with the ‘C’ word on their foot, you look a little too shocked at others sometimes. MWAH!

I had the pleasure of watching tonite’s episode with Bonnie (Dr. Hottie), Whitney, and Tyler….Yep, Tyler was there. Here is what Whitney had to say:


How did you feel at first about doing the show ?

I was so excited. I don’t mind being totally exposed.

Did you know the other girls before the show?

I knew Hannah the longest. Our Mom’s are members of Woodhaven. They don’t like each other, but when Hannah and I got older and formed our own opinions, we became good friends. Besides we live right down the street from each other.

What are you studying in college?

Pre-Med Biology. But, instead of teach like my Mom ( Dr. Bonnie Blossman ‘Dr. Hottie’ is a Biology Professor), I plan to practice.

What is your relationship like with Kailyn?

I don’t really like her.

How did you feel about the fight (with Kailyn)?

I’m not a crier, I’m a lover..But,she started it.

 Is Tyler (who happened to be sitting next to her) your boyfriend?

(smiles) You have to keep watching.

Oh, Darlin’…You can count on that.

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’



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  1. Nicole!
    I LOVE this show too! It’s my newest, latest TV obsession. Dr. Hottie (Bonnie) rocks! She is my fave character & I did just vote for her.
    And she tweeted me. And so did Pam 🙂
    Loved reading this,
    Amy @BlondeTXGoddess

  2. Dr. Bon Bon and Whitney ROCK! Keep it coming!

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