Reality Show Update:Real Houswives NY Reunion,The O’Neals, Finding Sarah

Real Housewives of New York

Since these shows have ended for the season, the recaps are just my short opinions. You can always go back and see for yourself, before you agree..


Real Housewives of New York-(Bravo Network)

I have a confession. When season 4 began, I made a solemn promise. This season, no matter what, I will FIND SOMETHING to like about Alex. Unfortunately, for the first time in my life….I failed. I know you are wondering, what it is exactly that I don’t like about her. Honestly, there are so many things I don’t like about this woman, I just don’t know where to begin. I thought about listing them alphabetically, but that would be mean. So, instead of saying,’ these are things I don’t like’, I will rephrase, ‘these are the things I wish she would change’..There that’s better. O.k, here is a list of suggestions for Alex:

1. Stop whining
2.Stop talking
3.Stop laughing
5. A little more detail: When you decide to speak up for yourself, that is great! You don’t need to speak for anyone else. Choose your battles. Don’t pick fights (especially with Jill), you don’t have what it takes to go the distance, dear.
Jill, Jill, Jill. You will always be my number one Red head, and I saw the effort you made this season. Being nice to Alex at the march, and not even saying she looked like the ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ in that wedding dress. That was nice of you, Jill. I thought the burning of the paper would be the end of Alex’s whining (again, it was nice of Jill to indulge her in that bizarre ritual), but Alex was being phony as usual. When she got bored harassing Jill, her creepy, trapped in the 70’s husband, Simon picked up her slack. And, that left room for Alex to find a new target..LuAnn.
Luann, you were a little less ‘Countess’ like this season. I thought you were a little Mean in Morocco. Did Bravo make you pick up the tab or what? Your boyfriend is cute and seems sweet, and you certainly don’t mind showing him off. Guess I can’t blame you. But, don’t EVER share the stage with Natalie Cole. That just didn’t seem right.
Sonja. Not sure what you have against underwear and/or SPANX! But, I am hoping your feelings will change in the coming season. No comment on the bankruptcy deal, and I guess it was not really appropriate for the ladies to interrogate you. But if MY friend is in the New York Post under the Headline: ‘BROKE  B*TCH’..
Hey, I would be concerned. But, since we ‘re not friends, I won’t worry about it.
 Cindy, I don’t have much to say about you. I’m still trying to figure out why you are even on the show. Surely, your role is not just old lady with the babies. Sometimes, I am just a little slow at figuring some reality shows out. I will check back after next season.
Kelly, I think you were trying to make more sense this season. There were some improvements. With Kelly, It’s not that she is crazy. She just doesn’t always come across clear. Kelly has potential. Keep growing, sister.
Ramona- I like you. But, tell the truth: You just miss Betheney, don’t you ?
Part 1 of the ‘Real Housewives I Miss Betheney Reunion’, aired last week. Part 2 will air tonite an I will have a full Reunion recap on Wednesday!
The O’Neals-(OWN)

Ryan O'Neal and his daughter,Tatum

Wow! At first, it seemed unclear if I was watching a Father and Daughter or two ‘Ex’s”. The problems run so deep and the relationship is so dysfunctional, it is hard to begin to grasp in a few episodes. She began as a lovely actress (winning the Academy Award at a young age), and later estranged from her father for 25 years. I will say, that Tatum is strong, and really seems to want to improve her life. (In case you missed it: Tatum says she was hooked on Heroin, she was busted for trying to buy crack, and when she was 12, she walked in on her father, Ryan having sex with a then 18 year old Melanie Griffith).
 Ryan? Ryan. Be glad she’s still talking too you , let alone got you a T.V show….I’m just sayin’.
Finding Sarah- (OWN)

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

 I only watched 2 episodes. And, that was all I needed. In case you missed it: Sarah Ferguson married a Prince. She spent alt of his money, got too friendly with a Texas Millionaire in front of her daughter-and the paparrazi. Got divorced. Lost all of her money. And, here we are….Within the first episode she did the one thing that many others find extremely difficult. The Duchess of York admitted to the World, what we have known all along: ‘ I Blew It.‘ Thank you, Sarah. Now, I don’t have to say it.
Next Blog: Real Housewives NY Reunion Recap and Real Housewives NJ!!

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