To Blog, or Not to Blog?

I started blogging again, so impulsively, I forgot to stop and ask myself one very important question: Why? So, now, 3 weeks later, I have a moment to answer that question. The answer is: I’m not really sure. I think I just felt like it. There is SO MUCH going on in the world, and there are TONS of people writing about it. Different views, Different ideas, and Different needs. And, I have an opinion on almost all of it!

But, do I really want to put my personal views on the public stage to be dissected, criticized, and misinterpreted ? Sure! Why, not? I remember hearing about a group of guys (who wore really bad wigs) drawing up this thing called ‘The Constitution’ giving me the right to say whatever I want. O.k, that was a little ‘soapbox’ worthy, but the truth is, only the real truth seekers, thought provokes, Entertainers, and scholars of facts, are the best bloggers. It is not always the thoughts that raise the effect, it is the passion behind them. It is the lack of fear in daring to ask the most ‘inappropriate question’ on behalf of those who are too afraid to ask. It is having a message that may have been inspired by one, but now reaching millions.

At first,I wondered Am I interesting enough? That was the humility talking. Of course, I knew I was..It was just a matter of finding and reaching my audience, and developing the right content. There was a time, when I thought I had lost my voice. Or, maybe,never really had one. But, now that I have found it, I can SPEAK UP!

Or, it’s just talking about your favorite Reality T.V shows: Either way, you have a Voice

BIG RICH TEXAS-- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Poe, Maddie Poe, Connie Dieb, Grace Dieb, Bonnie Blossman, Whitney Whatley, Leslie Birkland, Kalyn Niccole Braun, Hannah Gelbert Martin, Pamela Martin Duarte -- Photo by: Kwaku Alston/The Style Network

My most recent ( and most viewed) blogs have been about the new hit Reality Show: Big Rich Texas. The show stars_ Dr. Bonnie Blossman (and daughter, Whitney Whatley), Pamela Martin Duarte (daughter Hannah Martin and Husband, Ignacio), Connie Dieb (daughter, Grace), Leslie Birkland(God daughter Kailyn, son Tyler), Melissa Poe (daughter Maddie). Five Country Club, Dallas/Ft. Worth women, who have one thing on their mind: Ratings! With the mini catfights, opulence, and ‘creative dialogue’, this show is a long overdue revisited look at why people from other parts of the country REALLY love Texas: Because there are some of us who will admit…’Bigger is Better’.

Already a fan of Reality Television, after the first episode, I was hooked. I began interviewing the cast (see Big Rich Texas page) and my blog has become a TOP site for‘Big Rich Texas’ searches. Dr. Bonnie (Dr. Hottie) has set up a link from her website to my blog and also her daughter Whitney created a link as well from ! The love is mutual. I quickly became the #1 Blogger/Fan for the show, and I support the entertainment value it brings! Come on, you know you watch too…


Also,on the Reality Radar:

The Famous People on 'Famous Food'

Famous Food: With this cast, which includes Heidi Montag, that Ashley somebody (you know, the Escort who was with Gov. Spitzer), and CRAZY Danielle Staubb from Real Housewives of New Jersey, it is clear that Hollywood is going to any lengths to reduce their local unemployment rate. The smartest guy on the show is the rapper. And, the cutest guy( Jake, from The Bachelor) is not well liked due to his lack of backbone. A group of ‘Famous’ people are competing for the chance to be a partner in a new hot LA restaurant. I think. I will have to bring this show to the front , next week.

All ‘Real Housewives’ and any other RS that may briefly catch my attention.

Hot Topics:

From Bin Laden to Casey Anthony, if I have a thought, I will likely put it out there. Getting people interested in talking about something, and not just watching it happen..Really makes blogging a little more worth doing. Whether your love Obama, Palin, or Boehner…The views are OURS to share. Besides, we all respect each other’s differences, right?

More features will be added soon, including: Videos, Doctor’s Corner, and anything else that is interesting enough to share. If you are a Subscriber- THANK YOU! I do not plan to flood your inbox, so you can expect my blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…Or, somewhere around there. You know how it is..

For whatever reason,  thanks for reading. That’s it for now..Gotta go write my blog!

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’



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  1. First off Bonnie can’t take criticism and has her facebook friends fire off anything that is said in negative light against her or her daughter. She had that moron tool of hers big fans of big rich texas link Bonnie’s website asking viewers if they thought a certain person on facebook was Pam in disguise. Is this an attempt to garner more viewers for the show, so let’s pretend we really hate one another and fight some more. Or is there really a lot of horrible animosity between Pam & Bonnie.
    big fans of is the worst culprit constantly causing drama and calling people names and claiming they are all fake. Sorry but not a good way to get people on your side by your actions and certainly annoying to many. Bonnie use to be one that we did like until she started to act like a school child who can’t handle mean comments. If you can’t take it you shouldn’t be on a tv show where that is the norm. Bonnie has no problem watching people rip Pam to shreds but if she becomes a target forget about it. It’s a show and that is it, with their ridiculous FAKE ASS COUNTRY CLUB that sets the stage for so much of the ever FAKE drama they cook up to get more viewers. ALL around pathetic.

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