Big Rich Texas-Episode 4 Recap ‘Your Killing Me!”

My goodness! I have been trying for 2 days to write this blog, but my phone has been ringing, the Inbox is full, and the questions are all the same: What is going on with your girls, Pam and Bonnie (aka ‘Pannie’) ? Sunday nights episode gave new meaning to the once overdone, but now very appropriate phrase: ‘I DON’T LIKE YOU!’ And, of course, as with most great feuds, this one involved-a party. Bonnie wanted to host a ‘Murder Mystery Party’ at the Country Club. Pam did not want that to happen. And, so it begins…

I always wanted to go to a Murder Mystery Party, and I would have LOVED to attended Dr. Hottie’s. For the newbies, Dr. Bonnie Blossman ‘Dr. Hottie’ is a Biology professor, author, Recording Artist,and Mystery Party Host. I am sure that Brain surgeon will be added to the list at a later time. It was at one of  Hottie’s Mystery Parties (the theme was 1920’s!), that the MAJOR drama of the episode unfolded. I know the suspense is killing you ,so I will get right to it…Of ALL PEOPLE for Dr. Hottie to choose as the MURDER VICTIM: Who does she choose? Pam. Pam? Pamela Martin-Duarte. I don’t consider myself Psychic, but something told me that Pam, aka ‘Badass Boss Blonde’ would not be too eager to ‘play along’. You see, as the victim, Pam (‘BBB’) would have to put white paint on her face (to appear as a ghost) or wear a T-shirt over her costume, that read ‘VICTIM’. Neither was a viable option to her. Honestly, Pam was cute in that flapper dress and feather.. ‘She is trying to make a fool out of me!’ said , Pam. Enter Whitney, standing up for her Mama-‘It’s my Mom’s game, so you have to play by the rules.’ Sorry, Whit…That just wasn’t going to happen. The ‘BBB’ cuts loose and blast Dr. Hottie in front of her guests, and storms out….GAME OVER!!! Or, is it just beginning?

That brings me to the calls, emails, and DM’s regarding online reports and ‘word on the street’ that there is a FEUD brewing between the cast. In particular-Pam and Bonnie. Not to go into too much detail, but there are some accusations that you can research for yourself. The only thing I will say, is that it involves Cyber-bullying, phony FB pages, reports to facebook for harrassment, etc… I contacted Pam earlier and asked her about the feud. She replied: ‘What feud?‘ Hmmm…I will just say this: IF there is a feud behind the scenes, I will find out about it. And, I will talk about it. Because, that is what I do.

Now, Melissa (who was pretty absent in last week’s episode, What’s up with that?) met with an agent to jump-start her modeling career. The agent informed her that as a SIZE 6, she would be considered PLUS SIZE. Melissa ‘Missy” started crying. Now, Missy..First of all: Don’t you EVER, EVER, EVER cry in a restaurant, in front of an agent, on National television, just because someone told you to lose weight. If you were not going to choose option one, which is: Dump the pitcher of water over the agent’s head, and calmly exit the table. Then you should choose option 2: Graciously nod, walk out, and scratch them off the list. The mirror does not lie, and neither do I. You look great! I do think you should consider Acting. You could be more successful as an actress right now, then limiting yourself to modeling. That’s just what I think.

Now- Maddie and Zach “A Love Story’

O.k, maybe not really, but I know that raised Melissa’s eye brow. In this episode, cute, sweet, Maddie (Melissa’s teen daughter) was fixed up by Grace. I think Grace is very credible as a matchmaker. She is mature, responsible, and she knows some ‘killer’ martial arts moves. So, who did Grace choose as the lucky guy? Zach. Bonnie’s son! Perfect…They met at Grace’s house (without Melissa’s permission), and the teens sat around and drank grape juice from a wine glass. Nothing happened except, Grace got to show off her excellent Hostess skills, but it was a little taboo to sneak around behind Mom’s back. Melissa had a ‘talk’ with Maddie (who is just TOO CUTE!), and that concluded this week’s ‘Afterschool Special’.

Overall, I did not feel the episode was that ‘EXPLOSIVE’, but apparently it is what may be going on OFF CAMERA  that really has viewers talking. I better check my Inbox.

Next Blog, my Interview w/Hannah Martin! Don’t forget to vote for ‘Favorite Daughter!’


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  1. This show is my newest guilty pleasure!! Thanks for blogging about the fun show and characters!

    amy @blondetxgoddess

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