Big Rich Texas-INTERVIEW w/Hannah Martin ‘The Debutante’

I am OFFICIALLY the #1 Fan of the new hot Reality Show, ‘Big Rich Texas’! As a former Reporter, now Actress, I still have that curiosity bug, and this show has given me a FEVER! I will be a dedicated Blogger for this show, throughout the season. The show is so BIG, I gave it it’s on page! Be sure to check back here every week , for recaps, INTERVIEWS W/CAST, and of course, my totally BIASED opinion of the week’s episode! Stay tuned…

Pamela Martin-Duarte and Daughter, Hannah

I was able to pin down the very busy Hannah Martin, during her summer break from college. Hannah has not been seen on the show very much, but her brief presence is always impactful. Whether she is riding (chauffeured) in a Town Car from College in Missouri to her home in Dallas, (Note: The car was only supposed to take her to the Missouri AIRPORT), or hosting a  party in her backyard, when her Mom said ‘No House Party.’ Hannah’s reply: ‘You said not in the house. This was the backyard.’ Got to love this girl..
Hannah Martin:

1. You were on Divas and Daughters, and now this is your second Reality Show? How did you get into the Reality biz, and is this your future?
I was on Dallas Divas and Daughters but this is definitely not my future haha. I don’t plan on having cameras follow me around for the rest of my life.

2. How is Big Rich different from Divas, or is it?
BRT definitely has a lot more focus on the mothers than the daughters but it still is very similar because it shows all of the relationships between the mothers and their daughters. BRT also follows our lives around the country club.

3.Whitney says that you 2 are friends. Is that hard considering how your mom feels about Bonnie ?
I love Whitney and we are definitely friends. My mom has absolutely no problem with our friendship. Her and Bonnie don’t really get along but Whitney and I are both old enough where we can be friends regardless of our parents. I mean we can both drive so our parents don’t really have to be around each other too much.

4. What is your Major? Career plans?
I am currently studying Broadcast Journalism and Spanish. Hopefully I’ll be able to pursue that and you may be watching me on your TV’s for even longer!

5. You said Debs are more selective and Pageant girls are ‘random shmucks’…Did you mean that?
The pageants that Kalyn does are definitely not as reputable as Miss Texas, Miss America, etc. The Debutante programs here in the Dallas AREA are definitely a little bit more exclusive than the pageants that Kalyn and Leslie do which have women ranging from age 5 to 55. Leslie thought that a Debutante Ball was just like a Pageant, which it definitely is not. That’s all I meant by that comment.

6. Are you close, or NOT close to any of the other girls?
I’m definitely the closest to Whitney but since my mom is friends with Connie and Melissa I know their daughters too. But, since I’ve been away at college it is a little hard to still be connected with all of them

Anything you would like the readers/viewers to know about you!
Keep watching BRT! There’s a ton of new drama coming up and y’all may be surprised!

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  1. Great job, Hannah 🙂

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