Big Rich Texas- Episode 5 Recap,’ Sugar and Spice’-Interview /Maddie Poe!

Cast of Big Rich Texas

Sunday night’s episode should have been titled,’What’s The Matter With Kailyn?’ I have been pretty easy on the girls, because they are still young a growing, but Kailyn surprised me with the ’18 year old trapped in a 5 year old’s body’ stunt she pulled at the store. Leslie offered to take her shopping and buy her some clothes. That was nice. But, when Kailyn decided she wanted EVERYTHING she picked up…Honey, that was just whack! Considering some 18 YEAR OLDS WHO ARE NOT IN SCHOOL are working in the summer,Kailyn, you seemed highly ungrateful. Oh, that’s right, you are working, and getting a check for the show! Where was YOUR  ATM card, Kailyn?

Leslie ‘BQ’, stand your ground. I have a feeling that many girls did not roll around in a Corvette, until AFTER they won the title, Miss America. And, speaking of BQ…What is gong on with you and Pam ??? Pam…What is going on with you and Leslie ??? Give me  a call, and tell me about it. You know I’m interested.

And, then there is ‘hardworking Grace’. Anything she does, she does with heart, focus, and dedication. ANYTHING. Including, the complicated task of washing cars, with her Cheerleading squad. I have to admit, I never had that much team spirit. I preferred the ‘Every girl for herself’ world of Beauty Pageants. And, when Whitney (WhitWhit) pulled up in her big a** Hummer for a wash (side note: that car is TOO BIG FOR YOU), Grace remained a professional, and cheerfully washed the tank. I mean the car. And, Whit-the $100 tip you left was well-earned.

Now, what was really interesting, was what happened when Melissa (‘ Missy’) went on an audition. Apparently the other contenders were ALL PLUS SIZE women. Was she auditioning for a ‘plus size’ role ? Missy, being a ‘proud size 6’ , did NOT stick around to find out. Some say, she should have stayed and find out what  the role was, before getting defensive and bailing. What do you think ?

I really can’t begin to tell you,how shocked I was when Whit threw that drink on Kailyn. I know you can’t see it, but I am shaking my finger at you,Whitney! It all started because Whitney and Tyler were ‘making out’ in front of  Kailyn. We know (as well as Whitney) that Kailyn has a crush on Tyler. Yes, YOU DO, KAILYN! So, Kailyn told them to ‘get a room.’ That lead to the word ‘B**ch’ being thrown around, in addition to a glass of water which landed on Kailyn. During this scene, Leslie sat back and let Kailyn take her medicine for being such a brat he whole time. However, both Bonnie and Leslie know BY NOW, that you should never let your daughters ‘catfight’ in public. Sends the wrong message.

But, the girls did apologize to each other and hug. Hmmm…

I finally caught up with the sweet Maddie, who came in 2nd in the ‘Big Rich Texas Favorite Daughter poll’.  Here is what she had to say:

Melissa Poe with daughter, Maddie

1.Any reservations when you started the show?
definitely, I was very worried about how I would be perceived. Anything you say or do can be edited into something that totally wasn’t true or didn’t even happen. Once it’s out there its always going to be, but so far i’m very happy with the way things have turned out.
2. How does it feel to be a Reality TV Star ?
Haha, its different. I didn’t think I would become “famous” from this at all. It’s very cool to be able to hear from the fans about how they can relate and look up to me and how much they love the show. To get to connect with them has been very special for me.
3. Are you close, or NOT close to any of the other girls?
I’m the closest with Grace & Kalyn. It’s harder to stay connected with Whitney and Hannah because they’re older and they do their own thing. We all get along extremely well though. I love all of them so much and im so grateful to have them in my life.
4. What would you like to do as a career?
I would love love love to do something in the acting/film industry. I’ve been acting for as long as I can remember and I also attend a performing arts Highschool for acting as well. It would be amazing to be able to share my passion for the arts with the rest of the world someday.

5. Who are some of your favorite entertainers?
Sandra Bullock, Amy Poehler, and Will Ferrell are favorite actors of mine. I love all of their work!
6. How has being on the show effected you personally (school, friends, privacy, etc.) ?
It’s been crazy to say the least. I’ve lost a good amount of my privacy, everyone constantly wants to know what I’m doing. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all, it just can get crazy at times. I’ve also had a lot of people, who I wasn’t friends with before, try to be my friend now just because I’m on TV. It stinks, but thats life. I do have to say, I’m definitely nervous about going back to school because im not sure how people will react. Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing though.
7. What can we look forward to with you and Zakk ?
There are some interesting twists coming up in future episodes between the two of us, so if you want to find out you will have to stay tuned!! 
Anything you would like the readers/viewers to know about you?
I just want the reader/viewers to know that im very thankful for their support and i love them all VERY much, follow me on twitter, @MaddiePoe. Like my Facebook Fan Page: Maddie Poe, Like our Facebook Mother-Daughter page: Team Melissa and Maddie !
Maddie, Darling…We already do!

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