Real Housewives/Beverly Hills Tragedy..Is someone to blame?

Taylor and Russell Armstrong, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

When news broke that Russell Armstrong, husband of Real Housewives of  Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong, hung himself, it sent a shock throughout the world of Reality Television. Now,the Sept. 5th premiere of the new season, may not happen after all. Could this be the end of the Real Housewives franchise? Don’t forget to take the poll at the bottom of the page.

Were things that bad for Russell? In the past few days, several things about the fe of the Armstrong’s has come to light:

Russell Armstrong was $1-10 million in debt.

filed for bankruptcy in 2005.

Taylor Armstrong recently filed for divorce.

according to sources, Russell feared the ridicule of  the castmates, and there was talk of a tell-all book, that may have painted Russell in a VERY negative light.

All of these things , according to Russell’s attorney, Ron Richards were just too much for him to bear: (via

He worked hard to get her where she was. Who do you think paid for that lifestyle?” Richards said in an interview with TheWrap. “He was disappointed. … He basically spent all their savings, and didn’t accumulate any savings, to support the show.”

Richards added: “He wasn’t rich. He was just generating enough income to not lose the cover. The expenses were getting higher and higher and he was unable to cover it.”

Armstrong also complained that the show “didn’t care if they ruined his marriage,” Richards said.

I have to admit, I was a little puzzled to hear about all of the financial trouble, considering I watched last year as Taylor hosted a ridiculously tacky $60,000 birthday party for their 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! I am all about the finer things at any age, but I thought that was a little over board even before I knew they were really broke. In addition to their public spats on the show, Taylor claimed in divorce papers that Russell was physically abusive to her. I have to ask. Did Taylor file after the abuse, or was Russell going broke, REALLY the last straw ? Just asking.

Russell’s mother told HLN’s Jane Mitchell that she had very strong opinions regarding what happened to her son:


Mrs. Armstrong goes on to say that, Taylor had very expensive taste, and it was hard for Russell to keep up. According to Mrs. Armstrong, ‘Taylor’s next husband ‘better be a Millionaire or Billionaire, because that is all who can afford her.’

In all fairness, all of the participants of these shows chose to be a part, and accept the fact that their lives are up for complete and total ridicule. It may not be right…But,that is the way it is.

That’s the view of ‘A Real American Girl’



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