TCM’s ‘Debbie Reynolds Friday!’

Dame Stephanie Spaulding, Theater/Film Historian

I am so excited that my dear friend, Stephanie Spaulding has agreed to write a column on TCM Film Classics, highlighting featured classics, showcases, and backstage stories. She is quite an authority on the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’.

BELLY UP TO THE TV Y’ALL! TCM is hosting “Summer of the Stars” in August and America’s girl next door, Ms. Debbie Reynolds, is the star of the day, Friday, August 19. And she is a Texas gal, born in El Paso in 1932. She got her big break in 1952 with “Singing in the Rain,” but did you know at the time of filming, she was not a trained dancer? Could have fooled me! This gal can do anything! With dancing under her belt she went on to add several vocal chart-topping hits like “Tammy”. “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” earned her an Oscar nom in 1964. But she was a busy lady outside of her career with 2 children, her daughter, is Carrie Fisher (we all kinda knew that).  Debbie even tried her own talk/variety show in 1969-70. Again, is there anything this woman could or can’t do? Thanks to Nicole Barrett, I met and saw DR in action, talk VERY CANDIDLY about her career and life at a benefit luncheon in Dallas this past April.

Debbie Reynolds and Nicole Barrett

 Why I do believe Ms. Reynolds, at the age of 79, has a future in stand-up. Come on Vegas book her…she is amazing…Sharp, edgy, tenacious and a ball of fire; she has more energy than my 5 & 6 year-olds combined! Oh, and I saw her daughter “Princess Leia” perform on Broadway 2 years ago in “Wishful Drinking”. Carrie is an amazing writer, capturing and sharing moments of her “unnatural” life for the layman to understand. When you come from talent, sometimes you don’t have a choice but to be talented.

Debbie Reynolds, circa 1950's

For more on Debbie Reynolds read the fabulous synopsis in this link from TCM: Take the poll below:


‘If you really want to help the American theater, don’t be an actress, dahling. Be an audience’. -Tallulah Bankhead


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