Mildred’s House of Wire Hangers


Mildred’s House of Wire Hangers!

Joan Crawford: the mother of all mothers, a drag queen icon, she runneth over with jungle red blood, she had a stare that could melt through steel/


Joan Crawford

Hurry, name 5 Joan Crawford films…and go!


Straight Jacket

The Women

Mildred Pierce


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane


There are some common themes up in there! I associate Frau Crawford with the garish, pop-culture, eccentric woMANIAC.


Don’t you want to scream out, “Butcha are Blanche, ya are in that chair!”

So many lines, so little time!


OCD ALERT: Joan never wore any costume twice without it being properly cleaned.



The role in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte played by Olivia DeHaviland, was originally Joan’s. The famous beach scene in From Here to Eternity was JC’s, but apparently she was not happy with the costumes, so the role went to Deborah Kerr, which Oscar granted her with a nom. I bet Joan was regretful of that decision.



Someone needs some anger management





 Lots more on the FORCE of Ms. Joan Crawford:




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