Most Eligible Dallas…..Really?

Life is full of confessions, and here is mine for the day: I made up in my mind before Most Eligible Dallas premiered, that I would not like this show. Yet, I tuned in for the first episode, out of fairness, so that I would be well informed as to why I did not like this show. The previews alone nearly made my head hurt.

For the record, I do not know any of the stars personally, and this is not a reflection on them. I understand that they are doing a job, that they were paid to do. But, I could not remain silent on the ‘reality’ of this show. This is actually a letter to Bravo:

Dear Bravo TV Network,

As a longtime fan of your programming, and a Dallas native, I felt compelled to write this letter and inform you of my feelings regarding your new show: Most Eligible Dallas. Please don’t be offended, but, the show sucks. Here are the main reasons why:

1. Lack of DIVERSITY!

Are you serious? Bravo Network..Are you serious? Do you REALLY think that all people just live in Atlanta? I was floored to see that there was not ONE PERSON OF COLOR on the show! Now, I know you may be thinking-this is typical sour grapes from someone who was not picked for the show, or the ‘angry Black woman.’ I don’t care. But, just to clarify – I have my OWN projects in the works, and, I am not ‘angry’, just ‘AWARE.’ Only ONE other local blogger, so far has even mentioned the lack of diversity (two words, I think, but it was a mention), therefore, I wondered-Are other people NOT aware, or just don’t care?


Dallas is: 25% Black

                    35% Hispanic

                    2% Asian

And, that is with a population of OVER 1 MILLION. Just in the city of Dallas. So. We are expected to believe that Bravo could not find ONE Black, Hispanic, or Asian?! There was not another Black woman on ANY of the other franchises, until Real Housewives of  D.C, which was cancelled. With Real Housewives of  Atlanta, diversity was added. Why not with the others? Bravo…you get an automatic F on that.

You may be wondering, how is Style Network’s , ‘Big Rich Texas’, any different? Just a few facts:

Connie Dieb- one of the stars is Phillipino and White.

Pamela Martin Duarte-her husband, Ignacio is Spanish.

Leslie Birkland- one of the stars went on a date with a Black man (who happened to be, Tony Dorsett’s son)

It may not be a Benetton Ad, but it is progress.

2. Who are you , again?

If you are going to have the title ‘MOST’, I assume that to mean-you are abundantly blessed with ALL qualities desirable. Bravo has ranked our residents, by a.) shopping ability  b.) crafty skill of having people wait on you, and the ALL TOO IMPORTANT, c.) Who’s Your Daddy?! If your answer to the last question is ANYONE on the Preston Hollow/Highland Park social registry and has a membership to the restricted Dallas Country Club-Congratulations,YOUR IN !!

I could go on…But, then I may sound mean.


A Real American Girl


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  1. Linda Barrett Neal

    I totally agree!

  2. As always that was a very good perspective. Excellent point

  3. As far as no one commenting on “lack of diversity”(I wondered-Are other people NOT aware, or just don’t care?)…you’re right. It is beacuse NO ONE cares…well of course except you and a few other people!

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