Big Rich Texas, Episode Recap, 8/29/11 ‘Oh, No, She Did’nt!’

Cast of Big Rich Texas

Sitting here, gazing out the window of my ‘Worldwide Headquarters’ (my condo in Uptown Dallas), I am still baffled. Actually, stunned is more like it. Last night’s episode reached almost every limit imaginable. And, at the end of almost every scene, I found myself saying (out loud) ‘No, she DID’NT!” Who, you ask? ALL OF THEM!

Last night’s episode should have been titled, ‘Who ‘gon check me, Boo?’, (courtesy of Sheree, Real Housewives of Atlanta) because every one of these chicks laid their cards on the table…But, which one was holding the Ace?

Let’s start with BQ ‘Beauty Queen’ Leslie. They told her, ‘Country Club’ employees are NOT ALLOWED to date the members.’ And? So? Does that include the beautiful ones? Yes, BQ. I’m afraid it does. So, if you are ‘breaking the rules’, and you know you were girl, I suppose the only thing you can do is, break them BIG! How? Take your ‘illigetimate date’ to Pam’s house for a party!

 ‘Boss Pam’ could not wait to call Leslie out for having the nerve to bring ‘The Help.’..And, no, not the movie! BQ, kept her cool ,and denied that she was on a ‘date’ with AJ who is employed at the club.But she did leave shortly after things got too personal. A subject, far more invasive than ‘who you’re dating’ came up and changed the evenings playful tone, The subject of: Leslie’s  finances. Here we go again…The beige Ferrari.

A little back story: Leslie was a model in her teens. Made a lot of money. Bought a Beige Ferrari. Pam cried, ‘Bulls**t’, no such thing as a beige Ferrari.’ Leslie says she made alot of money, bought alot of properties, and lives pretty well.

Last night, Ignacio, Pam’s husband, joined the debate, I will refer to as: ‘LESLIEGATE’, by stating that she can not have multiple properties in different states, unless she had a network of over $ 100 million. Uhhh..Mr. Duarte, I don’t like to argue with good looking gentlemen, but she never said these were multi-million dollar townhouses. Maybe they are Section 8. Who knows?

Now, my Whit Whit made me proud…She wanted to STUDY! Take that you conservative, anti ‘c -word tatoo’, Haters! She is smart enough to know that if she wants to be a Doctor, then she must get excellent grades. Her mother, Dr. ‘Hottie’ Bonnie decided to take Whit to a place where all Scientists, develop most of their theories-a bar. However, this trip did include a lesson on Ethanol, that I found very informative. By the way, Hottie, that straight hair look works for you !

More on Leslie. As Connie’s cousin, I am not sure if dating her ex-husband is the right thing for Leslie to do. Sounds to ‘Jerry Springer’ like. Oh, that’s not bad..JERRY!JERRY!JERRY! It’s just on another network. But what do YOU THINK ? Take the poll:

Enter ‘Missy’ Melissa, yes, the Model. She tells the ladies about her diet, that includes gorging. What? I am not sure what all that entails, but it does not sound like something I want any of my sisters doing. Unless….are you trying to get booked on Celebrity Rehab after this? Eating disorders are making a comeback, in Reality T.V. What? I’m just saying….

On The Teen Scene

Grace. Your name says alot about you, my dear. When Zakk, who was on a date with Maddie, began to flirt with you it was the mature thing for you to ‘BUST HIS A**!’ That’s right, she told Maddie, and there is no doubt the friendship will last. But, Zakk…You are cute, sweetie, but I am not sure your ‘Player Card’ has been issued, just yet. However, I am following this developing story…

On to Kailyn…There was some major hostility towards Leslie in this episode. And, then, just before they rolled the credits-the doorbell rang. Who is it? Kailyn’s MOTHER! Leslie is saying ‘Shape up, or Ship out!’ Oh,snap!

 Now, that was some dang drama…In fact, I am too nosey and impatient to wait until next week. I need to get Kailyn on the phone now, and grab a quick interview.

My next column may have to be ‘All About Kailyn’ …You deserve it.

Shhh…it’s ringing.


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  1. That whole Lesliegate situation was such BS… the club did a background check, and you’re right, she said apartments, not high end condos. I feel that was low class for Pam to interrogate her about her finances and rude that they were talking about her in Spanish right in front of her face.

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