Big Rich Texas, Interview w/Kailyn Braun

BIG RICH TEXAS -- Pictured: (l-r) Bon Blossman, Kalyn Niccole Braun, Leslie Birkland, Maddie Poe, Melissa Poe, Connie Dieb, Grace Dieb, Whitney Whatley -- Photo by: Kwaku Alston/The Style Network


What did I tell you ? I said, I would touch base with Kalyn, and I did. I said, I would gt back to you, and I am. Kalyn Nicole Braun is a sweet California girl, who is trying to adjust to this Texas heat. And, as  you can see, it is HOT down here!

Kalyn Braun-'Big Rich Texas'


1. How did you feel about doing the show in the beginning?

 At the beginning of the show I was excited. What 18 year old wouldn’t be? But I also was scared. I had just finished highschool I would be moving to a completely new setting with new people and I honestly just wanted to fit in.

2. Has you relationship with Leslie changed?

Leslie and my relationship hasnt changed if anything we have only grown closer. Yes, we fight but what teen and parent doesnt? I’m really appreciative of everything Leslie does for me and I love her.

3. You seemed hostile towards Leslie..What’s up?

If your  talking about Episode 5 (see recap) , my behavior was inappropriate. I was acting that way, because I felt Leslie promised me all these things and I wasnt receiving all of them. But in the end, Leslie and I worked it out and were doing much better.

4. What is the REAL reason you don’t want to go back home?

The real reason I don’t wanna go home is the same reason I explained on past episodes. I don’t get along with my mom we have had a rocky relationship and its hard for me to be around her.

5. How is your relationship with Whitney, since the fight?

My relationship with Whitney since our fight had been pretty plain and simple. We talk when needed. We don’t pick on each other. We just don’t say anything that honestly doesn’t need to be said.

6. What are your career goals?

My career goals as of right now are still to become a pastry chef and open up my own shop

7. What can we expect from your Mom’s visit?

Hmm.. What can BRT views expect with my moms visit…. DRAMA! Ha just wait and watch (laugh)

8. Is there anything else you want viewers to know about you ?

I just want views to know that I’m not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m always gonna rise and be the best that I can be. No matter how far I fall, first.


Well said, Dear. We shall see you next week, Kailyn. And, your Mom.


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  1. I abs LOVE this show! I feel sorry for Kailyn…I’m sure it’s hard as it is with her mom…But thankfully she has Leslie and Tyler taking care of her. I think Kailyns gonna be successful no matter what…She has a great role model…Leslie.

  2. I love Kayln from the show! I think she is so beautiful and awesome.

  3. I felt so bad for Kalyn when het “mother” blew into town. I am raising a 7 year old because her “mother” basically walked away from parenthood to make men a priority. When her “mother” does try to come around she tries to make my baby feel inadequate or tears down her self esteem if I let her. That’s what poor Kalyn goes thru and I was so glad to when she told her “mother” she wasn’t going with her back to California. I look forward to the day my baby tells her “mother” the same thing when she tries to walk back in her life. Get to steppin!!! Go Kalyn and your lucky to have your Godmother and I am glad you realized that you needed to be grateful to her. Good for you Kalyn and I hope my baby grows up to have a strong a spirit ad you. She is only 7 but she is smart and already knows her mother is not a good role model. She said ” I want to be your child” that made me happy.
    You are a firecracker and you should be proud of your accomplishments Kalyn 🙂

  4. Carlytamarha

    Your beautiful ❤ don't let anyone tell you your fat because your not! I respect you so much! Keep your head up!

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