BIG RICH TEXAS-Recap, ‘Season FInale’…They Are Just Getting Started!

I know…I know..It has been awhile! Now, here we are: The Season Finale of BIG RICH TEXAS!!! I can truly say..It was Big. And, apparently…very Rich!

BIG RICH TEXAS -- Pictured: (l-r) Bon Blossman, Kalyn Niccole Braun, Leslie Birkland, Maddie Poe, Melissa Poe, Connie Dieb, Grace Dieb, Whitney Whatley -- Photo by: Kwaku Alston/The Style Network

We all knew there was a MAJOR feud, between Pam (‘Badass Boss Blonde) and Bonnie (‘Dr. Hottie’), but, NOW, that feud seems to include Leslie. It was clear a few weeks ago, that BBB wanted more details on the finances of Leslie (Beauty Queen/BQ). Not believing for one minute that BQ is a rich as she says she is, BBB started to do a little digging, and even asked Cute Connie to investigate her own cousin! Cute Connie agreed, so she must have been equally as curious about Leslie. We will have to wait until next season to find out what, if anything, Connie found on Leslie. But, what Connie DID find out, is that Leslie went on a date with Connie’s ex-husband, John. He also served as Leslie’s realtor. I called ‘FOUL’ on that weeks ago, but I don’t get involved in family business…

Whitney and Bonnie

On too the ‘Joanie and Chachi’ (For you kids out there, ask your folks about ‘Happy Days’) of the show- Whitney and Tyler. Brace yourselves, folks. I think this love story has come to an end. Tyler decided to return to his home in Washington. Without Whitney. That made mom, Dr. Hottie very happy. Bonnie without Whitney is like a sundae without the cherry! And, honestly, Whit may need a little more ‘Gangsta’ in her guy. But, that is just my opinion. However, I am not sure that we have seen the last of Sweet Tyler.

But, we did see plenty of Melissa! Doing her thing, and reviving her modeling career. We were left wondering if Melissa will leave for a three week modeling gig. It is very hard for her to be away from her 15 year old, Maddie, but I am sure that Maddie will be just fine. She is every mother’s dream!

Maddie Poe and Nicole Barrett at Bonnie Blossman's Finale Party

Now the DRAMA: As I mentioned earlier, Pam (BBB) has been digging into Leslie’s financial business. While attending Leslie’s housewarming party (By the way, that house is too dang BIG), Melissa stumbled on some interesting information: Leslie LEASED THE HOUSE!!! Uhhh…O.K…I guess, that’s bad, right? Well, according to Melissa, since Leslie told her she BOUGHT the house, Missy felt like it was valid to ‘BUST HER A**!’ So, who does Missy go tell? PAM, of course!

Melissa (to me at Bonnie’s Finale party): ‘Don’t lie to my F–king face!’ I will try to remember that, Missy.

Nicole and Melissa Poe at Bonnie’s Season Finale Party
After a ‘Pam-Like’ confrontation with Leslie, in which Leslie explains that she has a ‘Lease-Option’ on the house, BBB calls her a ‘LIAR’, tells her to F-off and heads for the door. That’s when Les makes her big announcement: Leslie is now a PARTNER in Woodhaven Country Club. Yes, the club that BBB loves so much and wants to protect from the ‘wrong’ people, is now owned in part by her new nemesis!
And, you wonder why I loves this show?
P.S. The blouse  am wearing in the photos, wear purchased at Uptown Consignment! Thanks, Connie!
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  1. Nicole-
    I’m super jealous you went to Bon & Whit’s finale party!
    When does the new season of #BRT start? I will be having withdrawals very soon!

    Amy 🙂

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