We Will Never Tire of Madame Kahn

If you love Mel Brooks, then you love Madeline Kahn and can probably throw out some her unforgettable movie quotes immediately, like:

“Hello, handsome, is that a ten-gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show?”

“Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breath- heaving breaths.”

“Hurry up, Doctor. This baby gots to go winky tinky!”

“Taffeta, darling.”

“Ah, but the servant waits, while the *master* baits!”

And I am sure you can name the movies these quotes came from, above, because she is JUST that memorable!

And GAWD could she sing. What a set of pipes, no wonder Broadway snatched her up for “On the 20th Century” which Kristin Chenoweth will be playing her role in the upcoming revival…great match. And did you know Madeline sang “Glitter & Be Gay” from CANDIDE…so maybe Kristin is our answer to our modern Ms. Kahn. Listen to this amazing version of “G & G” – I had NO IDEA:

I wanted to be Madeline Kahn and would practice “I’m Tired” in front of my mirror for hours when I was kid! I thought this was the single best song on the planet.

My friend, Stephen Cole, in the Broadway industry, responded to a Facebook post I wrote about Madeline Kahn’s Birthday. He worked with her on two different occasions. He posted the following:

“I do remember one phone call. I can see myself in my kitchen talking to her. She said, “I don’t want to sing anything funny this year.” I said, “Anything you sing will be funny.” I let her do a ballad…What Makes Me Love Him from Apple Tree…She broke the place up. She sang Bewitched from Pal Joey. Everyone screamed. She was brilliant. She was very dear and sweet and just had no idea how fucking funny she was.” – Stephen Cole

She was taken way to early, but her legacy lives on. In Central Park there is a bench erected by her husband and her brother, dedicated in her memory. What a class act.

Sound bites of some of Ms. Kahn’s famous movie lines:



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