Real Housewives of Atlanta- Season Premiere Recap…’Oh, Yes! The mess is BACK!!’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Some people wait all year for Christmas…I wait for the Season Premiere of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’! And, it was well worth it..Here we go:

A very pregnant Kim Zolciak, (although she gave birth to a boy, in the summer) is planning on moving into her dream home, with fiance, Kroy Biermann. He is cute, but obviously younger, but hopefully not too inexperienced. Watch out Kroy…Kim is an ‘Old Schooler’..

One of the impressive things about Kim this season, is the make-over of her Assistant, Sweetie. You may remember Sweetie (who NeNe referred to as a ‘slave’, last season), as the loyal, yet verbally abused Assistant to Kim. This year, Sweetie is still loyal slave assistant, but with MAKE-UP!

Some of the ladies are exploring their Business skills: Kandi is starting a line of Sex-Toys (gross!), Phaedra is planning on opening a funeral home…OK? and, Cynthia has started the Bailey Agency, a modeling school for girls. Some of these ideas appear to cry for help to Bravo: PAY RAISE PLEASE!!

In respect to Kandi Burress, I was really pulling for her to restart her singing career. When she first came on the show, she was focused on that and raising her daughter, Riley. The sudden death of her ex-fiance AJ was a major blow, but the talented artist bounced back. Just not sure about the sex line idea. Will get back to you on that….

Cynthia Bailey was a newcomer last season, and really didn’t gel at first. But, when it was revealed that she may NOT walk down the aisle with her then fiance, Peter…Cynthia became a little more interesting. Oh, yeah, and she has a daughter with Actor, Leon. I know…Who cares? However, based on the previews of this season, Cynthia may have a little more juice in her storyline. There may be some issues between her husband and her sister. The sister was not supportive of the marriage, and that is never good.

Phaedra Parks seems to have risen above last years gossip surrounding her ‘ex-convict husband, Apollo and her baby’s due date. As an attorney, she seems to be the only one with a steady career. Also, the best wardrobe.

The highlight of the episode…NeNe and Sheree: The Fight! Please make note, of the new catch phrase: ‘I am VERY rich!’, NeNe Leakes. So much better, if you see for yourself:

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