‘DALLAS’-T.V Series Premiere Party Recap with Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray!

Everything REALLY is bigger in Texas, and when Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and the rest of  the cast of the new DALLAS-T.V series, came to town for the show’s premiere, this was no exception. The Winspear Opera house in Dallas, Texas was decked out with FABULOUS backdrops, displaying the cast photos and show logo. With the feeling of a Hollywood film premiere, the red carpet was lined with local and national media, along with plenty of adoring fans.

Like a miracle resurrection, they began to appear. Patrick Duffy, who plays the do-good little brother, Bobby Ewing, expressed excitement at coming home to Southfork, “Bobby Ewing is so much apart of me, all I need is a pair of cowboy boots and I’m home!’, said Duffy. Fans will never forget one of the most shocking moments in T.V history- when Bobby Ewing appeared in the shower..Back from the DEAD!’ Fortunately for us, the ‘dream’ has come true..


Linda Gray and Nicole Barrett-Red Carpet

When Linda Gray came down the carpet, my heart skipped 10 beats! She was as stunning as I remembered the last time I saw her on screen as the long suffering, alcoholic, wife of a ruthless philandering husband. These days, however the character of Sue Ellen has transformed into a strong independent Businesswoman. And, as she told me on the carpet, ‘She is RICHER than J.R.!’ Now, that won’t last long. The show is destined to revisit the love/hate story that kept viewers wanting J.R and Sue Ellen to end up together no matter what! As, J.R once said, Sue Ellen is “the only woman I ever truly loved.” Ms. Gray chatted with me on the carpet, and promised that Sue Ellen will NOT be boring. But, I sincerely hope Sue Ellen does start drinking again. Things were always more exciting when Sue Ellen was hitting the bottle!

O.K, so I am REALLY warmed up, and feeling very welcomed and right at home. The weather was perfect to be outside, as long as we needed to be. And, then, as my eyes were fixated on the entrance to the carpet- I saw it. The universal symbol that the GREAT man has arrived! Only ONE man can wear a hat that BIG…It’s J.R Ewing, himself! Larry Hagman is graciously making his way down the red carpet. Stopping to talk with each reporter. Smiling, with his hands grasping his jacket, and letting the world know…There is only one. I had 3 questions prepared. I forgot them all. When it was my turn, I managed to ask one question. “Can we expect a kinder, gentler J.R Ewing this season?” He flashed that ‘I know something you don’t know grin’ that we fell in love with 35 years ago, and he said, “God, I certainly hope not.” So do we, J.R. So do we.

Larry Hagman and Nicole Barrett-‘Dallas’ Premiere Red Carpet

The remaining cast members who are new to Southfork, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe (from Desperate Housewives), and Julie Gonzalo, also walked the carpet, waved to fans, and seemed ecstatic to be a part of a legacy like Dallas. Josh Henderson, who plays a very grown up John Ross Ewing (the son of Sue Ellen and J.R) seemed especially humbled by his new role. “It’s a huge honor. I just want to live up to it,” said Henderson. By the way, he is CUTE. Brenda Strong, adds a lovely mixture to the group as Bobby Ewing’s wife, Ann. But, make you mistake, she is  Ewing  tough!

Josh Henderson and Nicole Barrett on the red carpet -‘Dallas’ Premiere

Brenda Strong interviewed by Nicole Barrett at ‘Dallas’ Premiere Red Carpet


I won’t give away too many details from the premiere episode, but the Ewing structure has changed a little. Southfork belongs to Bobby, and J.R seems to be settled into quiet retirement. Not for long. As John Ross tries to reclaim the Ewing throne, it awakens some old feelings in J.R that maybe he isn’t quite done, yet…Love triangles, scandal, and lots and lots of OIL! Just like the old days…but, better!

As an Actress, I look forward to the greatest show of all time returning to my hometown, and opening the doors for more diverse opportunities. As opposed to the Dallas of the 80’s, Black and Hispanic Actors will not be limited to practically non-existent roles. For the first time, I can truly say that I have a chance at a role on ‘DALLAS’!  The show will reflect, ‘real life’ in Dallas. And, I think we all can agree, this really is a new Dallas…

With the same principle: ‘Let the Backstabbing begin!’

The Cast photo was the perfect backdrop for the Red Carpet!

Watch the ‘DALLAS’ premiere on TNT, Wednesday, June 13th!

For more on the new ‘Dallas’ T.V series, listen to ‘The Nicole Barrett Show‘, every Saturday night 8p-9 on KLIF 570am, or online at http://www.klif.com !

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’



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