‘DALLAS’-T.V Series Pilot, RECAP (6/13)-Part 1 and Part 2!

The Cast of DALLAS 2012

The Premiere was split in 2 episodes. Here is Part 1 and Part 2.



Who says you can’t go home again? Someone who has never been to Southfork , and certainly not someone with the last name Ewing. It was almost surreal for a girl who LIVED for Friday nights in the 80’s even though I could hardly read my own name, I could certainly  make out the initials, ‘J.R! Within the first, five minutes, there was an oil well, proudly displaying the Texas symbol most of us city folks never get to see in person. Imagine that. The excitement kicks off almost immediately when Elena, played by Jordana Brewster, yells, ‘Wake Up, John Ross!’ And we see the image of a young man stretched out, but who jumps up quickly at the smell of oil. Did anyone else feel the tingle of the spirit of James Dean in ‘GIANT’ ?  There he is. J.R’s boy- John Ross Ewing III, and I could hear viewers all over saying, ‘Chip off the old block’…We struck oil! Only one problem…Uncle Bobby, does not want drilling on Southfork. That sounds familiar.

And, we first see our beloved Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) in the doctor’s office, were he is told that he has stomach Cancer. Of course he took it with the nobility that we would expect..’I don’t want my family to know,’ he says before he exits. All together now: ‘Oh, No…’ Of course, his wife, Ann, (Brenda Strong) eventually finds out and lends her love and support. She also knows her way with a shotgun, when an intruder breaks into the ranch.

The opening theme song, stayed true to the original, ‘THANK GOD!’; and, like a kid who went away for the summer….I too, was back home.

Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe) appeared on screen as the golden boy, that he was meant to be. He is Bobby’s son (adopted) after all. He wants to expand in the Energy business, since his Daddy is no longer in Oil. Christopher meets with investors,and stands his ground when they try to belittle his dream project. Enter a cute girl, who speaks French to Christopher (what Texas Boy can resist that) and the two go make out in the locker room. Turns out the young lady is Rebecca , Christopher’s fiance. She seems sweet enough ,and Christopher definitely seems smitten’.

A moment that was highly anticipated, and was quietly sled into..The appearance of J.R Ewing. Sitting silent in a chair of what seems to be a nursing home ( for the VERY wealthy and powerful only) and the dutiful brother , Bobby visits reguraly. Bobby tells J.R that he is worried about John Ross and Christopher and does not want them to be like he and J.R. He kisses J.R on the forehead and tells him he loves him. J.R never says a word.

Now, we are going to speed things up a little…Here we go:

Bobby decides to sell Southfork, due to his illness and the fighting between the boys. He also plans to give Christopher the money he needs to start his Energy company.  If you are a true ‘DALLAS’ fan, then you remember when Miss Ellie threaten to sell Ewing Oil, because Bobby and J.R could not work together. Anyway, John Ross won’t hear of it. He shows Uncle Bobby and Christopher the oil well, and Bobby says, ‘NO DRILLING ON SOUTHFORK!” John Ross, takes a very disrespectful tone in regards to it being to late to ‘honor Miss Ellie’s precious memory’…Very surprising considering how good Miss Ellie was to her grandchildren. Bobby is furious and kicks John Ross of f the ranch. This is where things get tricky…

John Ross decides it’s time to pay his Daddy a visit. He talks to a catatonic J.R about how everything has been taken from them, and he is contested Miss Ellie’s will in order to get control of Southfork. J.R responds…He thinks…He sends John Ross for some Jell-O…And, then once his scheme has clicked in his head, he tells his spawn, ‘Son, I forgive you for not visiting sooner..” And, so it begins..

On Christopher’s wedding day, John Ross find out that Chris’s energy deal is flawed, He tries to black mail into telling Bobby to stop the sale of Southfork, or he will expose him’ for the fraud that he is..’ It is also revealed that Christopher and Elena still have Strong feelings h other (they dated when they were younger) and they were tricked into breaking up. Christopher accuses John Ross of sending Elena an email (claiming to be Christopher) breaking up with her. John Ross says he did’nt send it, and on mysterious begins…Who really broke up Christopher and Elena? And, why?

Sue Ellen (the FABULOUS Linda Gray) arrives to give her son some much needed support. Regretful of using him against J.R, she vows to ‘make it up to him’…

A very interesting character to the mix, Marta del Sol, arrives as a possible buyer for Southfork. But, wait…we later find out, she works for J.R! But, wait, then we see that she is working with John Ross to double cross J.R!

Ahh…It’s so nice to be home again…


The original cast of ‘DALLAS’ in the ’80’s


Things may have been going well for John Ross and his scheme, until J.R catches him and Marta kissing in the parking lot of the nursing home! Let the games begin, son..J.R is already antsy begins Marta is stalling getting J.R in touch with her father so they can close their deal on Southfork. The plan is that Marta will buy the ranch for J.R and transfer it into his name. This is plan is thick with layers and players. Not only is John Ross scheming with Marta, but also the lawyer , Mitch Lobell, who Bobby has intrusted with the sale of Southfork. Oh, yeah, J.R has Mitch in his pocket too.

Sue Ellen gives Elena the boost she needs to explore her oil projects and she may have found a powerful ally in the possible, future Governor.

Surprisingly, the Cattle Barons Ball, which was once the ‘Oil Baron Ball’ usually took place later in the season, because there was often a climatic moment. This time, it was new bling, and the spectacular setting of American Airlines Center. The belt buckle on J.R that read ‘J.R’ in diamonds, was ‘Baller Personified!’ J.R and Bobby made nice, he likes Ann, and made Sue Ellen flutter. After all these years, he can still get to her.

The last 15 minutes were like a slow spiral into the well of deception…John Ross goes to see Marta, and she drugs his drink, they have sex and she tapes it! Not sure what the purpose of that was, but I can wait. And, just when you think Marta was only a secondary pawn…J.R makes a trip to Mexico and talks to Carlos, and meets the real Marta! Even J.R is stumped…

Ya’ll come back, now…


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