‘DALLAS’ t.v show recap, 6/27-‘The Last Hurrah!’

I apologize for not writing a recap last week.


It must be nice waking up to Jesse Metcalfe, who plays Christopher Ewing, but the feeling of joy turned to fear very quickly for Rebecca. We learned last week that she SENT THE EMAIL that broke up Elena and Christopher! And, John Ross knows. So, that can only mean one thing: Time for a little blackmail. John Ross calls Rebecca and tells her she will do exactly what he says, or he will tell Christopher about the email. Oh No!

John Ross blackmails Rebecca into helping him steal Southfork.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ann Ewing is trying to get Bobby to help her clean out Miss Ellie and Jock’s things. He keeps making excuses, obvious that selling Southfork was harder then he realizes. Wait until he finds out that he sold it to J.R! Speaking of the man with the hat, he has instructed John Ross that they must get photos of Mitch Lobell’s (the attorney working for Bobby on the Southfork sale) son doing drugs in order to blackmail Lobell into making sure that J.R does get Southfork. John Ross decides to use Rebecca to set him up.

J.R brings Sue Ellen a pearl necklace that belonged to Miss Ellie.

Sue Ellen is looking rich and powerful, as J.R appears at her door with a gift. Miss Ellie’s pearls. The look of sentiment on her face does not go unnoticed. They almost have a ‘moment’, until who shows up? That ‘idiot, Cliff Barnes!’ Sue Ellen explains that since she is running for Governor, she asked Cliff to give her some political advice. Political advice? Cliff? O.k…Of course J.R is not pleased and says that he can’t believe she is really going to ‘break bread with him’. ‘You gave up the right to have a say in who I dine with a long time ago…’ My, we have come a long way, Mrs. Ewing.

Elena finds John Ross drowning his sorrows in a local bar, and suggest that they work together again. She needs his help charming, Mrs. Henderson (a landowner) into selling some of her land for drilling. He agrees and turns on the ‘Ewing charm’…Elena decides to give their working relationship another shot. Just working. But, trouble may be on the horizon, when J.R finds out that Marta (whose real name isVeronica) has a violent jealous streak. One that he plans to use in order to get her to turn on John Ross. Surprised that J.R would let a nutcase that close to his boy, but….somehow, I trust the man in the hat.

Attempting to follow through with eher assignment, Rebecca meets Lobell’s son at an NA meeting and gets jhim alone. After hearing his story and realizing he really is trying to stay clean, she can’t go through with it. She tells John Ross, and he tells her that was a big mistake. John Ross is able to get Marta to handle it, and she shows J.R the photos. Well, darlin, he has some photos for you as well. Photos of John Ross and Elena! Marta begins to boil,and J.R suggest that she and him make a new deal.

J.R and Marta make a dangerous deal.

When Lobell finds out that his son used drugs again, he knows that he could be sent back to prison. Of course, J.R can prevent that IF, Lobell pushes the sale through and puts Southfork in J.R’s hands. I think Lobell sees where this is going. And, not only does J.R want Southfork, but he is cutting John Ross OUT of the deal!

The last Ewing bar-b-que was a bittersweet moment for the Ewings. When J.R announced that his date had arrived, I had a feeling it could only be, Sue Elle. The sight of the two of them sitting at the dining room table that was the setting of many family meals, that usually ended with someone storming off, was a priceless moment for real Dallas fans. Outside as folks are mingling, Rebecca sees John Ross arrive. He had sent her a message saying that he was coming to the bar-b-que and he was going to tell Christopher everything! Rebecca panics and runs to find Christopher. ‘I have something to tell you. It’s about the email that was sent to Elena on your wedding day…..’

I sense a REAL Texas tornado coming…

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’


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