‘DALLAS’-T.V series recap, 7/4- ‘Truth and Consequences’, It was a SCAM!

A fight, someone is thrown off of Southfork, and J.R (Larry Hagman) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) are at WAR! And, that was just the first 10 minutes! This was the HOTTEST episode so far this season, and left us with new questions…Last week ended with Rebecca about to confess about the mysterious email to Elena. This week, she tells him everything and in fact it was her brother Tommy who sent the email as part of their scam to get Christopher’s energy patent. Christopher storms off , finds Tommy and knocks him to the ground in front of the guests at the Ewing Bar-b-Que. Christopher tells Bobby and Ann about the scam, and Bobby throws Tommy off of Southfork. In the house, Christopher grabs Rebecca’s clothes and tosses them in a suitcase! The honeymoon is OVER…Of course Rebecca pleads, and tries to convince him that she was never going to take his money..Girl, please. It is too late for that. She’s outta here!

Christopher knocks Tommy out after he finds out about the scam.




Christopher throws Rebecca off of Southfork



Just as they are trying to digest this latest trauma, Bobby gets the shock of his life..although it really should not have come as too much of a shock: the deed to Southfork is in J.R’s name!? Bobby heads for J.R’s room for the BIG confrontation. Cool as ever, J.R explains very simply that is taking what should have been his in the first place. His version of the story is that He found out that Marta was going to sell Southfork to Cliff Barnes and he could not have that. Bobby smells a big rat, and he heads to talk to Mitch Lobell is Shiester attorney. Best line of the show: Ann says to J.R: ‘I never imagined you would stoop this low’, J.R replies: ‘Ann, you need to work on your imagination.’ Priceless.

J.R and Bobby are at war again!

Bobby sees that Mitch Lobell has left town. Ran for his life is more like it. An APB is issued for Marta and the cops tell him that the sale of Southfork to J.R is valid, unless they can prove J.R knew about the fraud. Good luck with that.

Elena is just as shocked as everyone else about the Southfork deal and she goes to ask John Ross (Josh Henderson) if he was in on it. John Ross doesn’t tell her the complete truth, and the fact is since his name is NO WHERE on the deed. John Ross feels doubled crossed. It’s time to go see Daddy.

Bobby can’t stand the image of oil tankers pulling on to Southfork. Christopher won’t stand for it. He wants to get tough and fight dirty like his cousin and uncle. Bobby tells his son, that they won’t stoop to their level. He has beat J.R before and feels he can do it again. John Ross goes to see crazy Marta and she tells him that she helped J.R stick it to him, because he broke her heart. He threatens to tell the cops where she is, but she reminds him that he will never get Southfork if he does that.

O.K, I wouldn’t be a true Dallas girl, if I did not admit that one of the shows highlights was seeing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talking to J.R Ewing at Cowboy Stadium! I have a feeling that it was just as much a dream come true for Jerry as it was for us Dallas fans…Was it just me, or do those two look like they could be brothers?

J.R Ewing and Jerry Jones. Two peas..


J.R and John Ross attend a Dallas Cowboy game. Perfect!


Christopher does NOT take his Dads advice and decides to get his hands a little dirty. He bribes the doorman into letting him into John Ross’ apartment. There he finds the sex tape that Marta left for John Ross and a note apologizing for cutting him out of the deal. The boy wonder may be on to something.

John Ross tells John Ross he is leaving town for awhile and John Ross will be left in charge. “Make your Daddy proud”, J.R says as he gets on his helicopter. While watching  J.R fly away, for a split second, I think John Ross wanted to say, ‘Wait Daddy!’…Oh, he’ll be back..

It doesn’t take long for Ann to soften enough to agree to a meeting with Rebecca. She always did like her. They meet for dinner and Rebecca continues to apologize, and insist that her brother forced her. “Your choices are your own”, Ann says with some compassion. Christopher gets drunk and goes to Elena’s. It reminded me of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire” as Chris called her name, ‘Elena! Elena!’..You know, like, ‘Stella! Stella!’..Anyway, she let him sleep it of on the couch,a nd kicked him out in the morning. She hasn’t forgotten the way he talked down to her for being ambitious. In a surprising twist, Ann went to visit her ex-husband, who has a mean attitude, but it sexy the way he toys with her mind. Wonder what the story was there…

Episode Star: Brenda Strong shines as Ann Ewing. There is more to her story..

John Ross is not pleased when he sees Christopher waiting for him at his condo. With the tape. John Ross informs him that since his name is not on the deed, they can’t accuse him of fraud. But, conspiracy is a crime, Christopher informs him. And, unless John Ross provides him with proof of the fraud, John Ross is going down as well.

Oh, I forgot to ask: Did the Cowboys win that game?

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  1. Ha HA HA that was really good!

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