“DALLAS’- TNT Series Recap, 7/11-‘Enemy of My Enemy’

Let me start off by saying, the opening view of Southfork was priceless. Seems like such a happy place. John Ross is standing outside of Elena’s just looking good around the land that he always wanted to be his. He tells Elena that Christopher will say anything to break them up. Elena assures him that she is on his side. Bobby is outisde secretly taking his meds and sipping coffee, when John Ross tries to make nice and ask for a cup. Bobby lays into him that family means nothing to him, but John Ross says he’s wrong. The foreman John Ross hired comes over and tells him that Ryland transport (owned by Ann’s ex-husband) cut off transport of oil from Southfork. John Ross tells Bobby, ‘I never thought you were the type of man who would have his wife do his bidding for him”…Uh Oh…When Ann admits that she went to her creepy but kinda sexy ex- husband, Harris for help, he flipped!  Ewing Rule: If you are married to a Ewing man, you are not allowed to ask any other man for help. Period. But, she was trying to help. They came to an understanding, and all is well again.

John Ross (Jos Henderson) tells Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy) that Ann went to her ex-husband for help.

Since J.R is on away, John Ross is struggling to get his oil moving. He goes to Sue Ellen, and ask her to help. She first says ‘No’ out of ethics, but later changes her mind, when she sees how much she disappointed her son.

John Ross (Jos Henderson) goes to his mother, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) for help.

To make matters worse, Nutty Marta shows up and tries to get John Ross to run away with her. He tells her to get lost, in a very rude way: “I wouldn’t go across the street with you”….How rude. She leaves, with a crazy look on her face that lets us know that we have not seen the last of her. And, neither has John Ross. He arrives at Elena’s house for a cozy evening and they notice the door is open. Elena was sure she closed it, but no big deal, they just walk in. I guess they weren’t worried about the prowler Ann shout at in the first episode? When Elena is in the other room, John Ross notices a knife stuck in the photo of him and Elena! Only one person would do that: Nutty Marta! John Ross takes off and finds Marta has skipped out without a trace.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the doorbell rings and in walks the once sweet, but now considered con artist, Rebecca. She is also trying to help: She discovers that there may be a hidden trust that could block the drilling on Southfork. Christopher and Bobby thank her, but Christopher is far from ready to forgive. Bobby thinks it’s worth looking in to. They search through Grandpa Southworth’s (Miss Ellie’s Daddy) things and discover the key to a safe deposit box.

Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) may have found the key to stop the drilling.

They go to the bank, open the box, and ‘will you looka here’…Old man Southworth kept ownership of the mineral rights separate from the actual land ownership of Southfork! In a nutshell, J.R owns the ranch, but Bobby, Gary, and J.R own the oil! And, Gary gave his share to Bobby, so ghe controls it. NO DRILLING ON SOUTHFORK, JOHN ROSS! Considering the visit, John Ross had from his business partner, he is on the verge of crying out: ‘DADDY’!!! But, J.R is a little busy in Sin City spying on Cliff Barnes. Apparently J.R is convinced that Cliff is ‘up to something’ and he wants to squash him like a bug. Just like old times.

J.R (Larry Hagman) is out to beat Cliff Barnes…again.

All is well in the land of Ann, until she receives a mysterious gift from Harris. A beautiful necklace that causes Ann, to breakdown in tears. Bobby is mad as Hell, when he sees the note from Harris, and doesn’t like anybody playing games with his wife. He pays Harris a visit and bitch slaps him in his on office! Mama Bear, Sue Ellen goes to visit Harris and asks him to let John Ross use his trucks, in exchange for an appointment to the Railroad Commission. He turns her down, but makes her squirm just like he did Ann. He will be happy to help, and even forces her to take a donation for her campaign. I don’t know what it is about this guy, yet, and the mind games he plays, but I will enjoy finding out..

A gift from her ex-husband, causes Ann (Brenda Strong) to have a major meltdown.

Rebecca makes one more trip to Southfork to pick up her car, before Christopher repossess it and after seeing how Christopher REALLY is not that in to her anymore she gets ill. Elena comes along and takes her to the hospital. Rebecca assures Elena that she is fine and sends her on her way. But, she says that she hopes Elena and Christopher will be happy. Elena tells her it’s over between her and Christopher. That may be a good thing for Rebecca, because she finds out that she is pregnant!

On a side note: Does anyone remember that Cliff  Barnes had a daughter with Afton Cooper (played by Audrey Landers) who she named REBECCA after Cliff and Pam’s mother?? Could Uncle Cliff be behind this whole deal to con his own adopted nephew? OR, have we just run out of names? Stay tuned…

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