‘DALLAS’-Season 2 Premiere, Part 1- ‘Battle Lines’/Part 2-‘Venomous Creatures’




The Cast of Dallas-In Memory of Larry Hagman

This begins the final season with Larry Hagman as J.R Ewing.

Bittersweet. But, still sweet. The season premiere opened with a message from the cast. ‘Along we will miss our friend (Larry Hagman) dearly, his spirit will live on.’ The beginning of the final season with Larry Hagman. And so, it begins..

Sue Ellen is hot on the campaign trail, and John Ross (the GORGEOUS Josh Henderson) is hot on some..tail! He seduces a bride to be at her bachelorette party, only to blackmail her father into allowing John Ross to lease his oil trucks. It works..especially after John Ross shows him the CELL PHONE VIDEO of the dirty deed! Pictures are so passe..That’s J.R’s boy..’From tip to tail’..


John Ross (Josh Henderson) doing what his Daddy taught him.

Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elena (Jordana Brewster) are blissfully in love, and now, Christopher has taken up Nascar racing. Not sure what that’s all about, but he sure looks good behind the wheel! Ewing Energies is in full swing,and Bobby, Christopher, John Ross, and Elena are partners. Their first vote does not go well, because John Ross feels that it will always be Bobby and Christopher against John Ross and J.r. Although J.R is not a part of the company, John Ross has enlisted his father to teach him every dirt trick in the book. J.R is happy to oblige. But, nothing will ease the broken heart given to John Ross, by Elena. Nothing except, maybe…a little revenge.


Miss him already.

Tommy Sutter’s sister, the real Rebecca Sutter is flown to Dallas by Christopher in order to testify against Pamela Rebecca in the divorce trial. Christopher tells Rebecca to stay out of sight. But, too late. John Ross is also hip to Ms. Sutter.

The evil, but kinda sexy, Harrison (ex husband of Ann Ewing) tells Ann that he ‘found their daughter.’ We discover in this episode, that Ann had a baby girl 22 years ago. When the baby was 18 months old, Ann was at the State Fair,and someone stole the baby from her carriage. Harrison tells Ann that he will only tell her where their daughter is, IF she gives him the blackmail tape of him confessing to money laundering. Ann knows that if she gives him the tape, she will have nothing to protect Sue Ellen from Harrison exposing Sue Ellen for bribery. Her child or her friend? Whatever Brenda Strong does…She is lovely doing it.


Ann (Brenda Strong) discovers her daughter is alive!

Bobby and Christopher to Barnes Global (the company owned by ‘that idiot Cliff  Barnes) and she formally introduces herself: ‘I am Pamela Rebecca Barnes.’ Cliff  Barnes is her father and Afton is her Mother. Needless to say, Christopher and Bobby are BLOWN AWAY! She offers him visitation (she is carrying his twins), plus she wants 30 % of Ewing Energies…Christopher: BRING IT ON! Pamela is starting to grow on me.

Sue Ellen gives Ann her blessing to give up the tape. Ann and Bobby go to meet,her daughter, Emma. But, the reunion is short. Emma wants nothing to do with Ann! And, it all comes crashing down for Sue Ellen, when the coroner she bribed goes to the press,and campaign is derailed.

John Ross shows on up Pamela’s doorstep with a present. They have a new team member-Rebecca Sutter.


Part 2-‘Venomous Creatures’

Christopher is cleaning up his old baby crib, in preparation for the twins. Remember, they are TWINS, Christopher. John Ross pulls up and takes an opportunity to take a crack at Elena. ‘Raising another woman’s baby..Elena, if that isn’t committment, I don’t know what is.’ Christopher wants to punch him out, but Elena calms him down. John Ross informs them that Sue Ellen is being hounded by the media since she lost the election. Ann is very distraught over her daughter’s reaction, and Bobby promises to get to the truth about what happened to Emma and why she feels that way.

Sue Ellen is upset over her loss and she does a very familiar act-she reaches for the bottle. I could hear fans all over the world scream, ‘NO!!!’..But, I was thinking: ‘Take the drink.’ Oh, come on..We all know it was ON, when Sue Ellen was drinking. But, before she breaks her long sobriety, J.R and John Ross show up. J.R gives her a pep talk and promises to make sure no charges are filed against her for the bribery. Before he leaves he encourages Sue Ellen to comfort Ann. That gives Sue Ellen teh stregnth to pour out the glass of wine.

Pamela Rebecca makes her presence known at her father’s company, much to Frank’s (Cliff’s henchman) displeasure. Little Pammy is taking over! The Annulment hearing begins and Rebecca’s attorney tries to portray her as a victim who only legally changed her name. Christopher’s lawyer asks Rebecca , on the stand, if Pamela intentionally tried to con Christopher. Rebecca does as she was paid to do by John Ross and Pamela, and she lies that Pamela was trying to make amends with Christopher…not con him. Christopher explodes in court. The Judge rules that their will be no annulment,a nd court will reconvene for Divorce proceedings. Christopher follows Pamela out of the courtroom,and promises Pamela that this means war. She responds: ‘You should have taken the deal.’

J.R tries to ask the U.S Attorney,nicely, to drop the case against Sue Ellen. He refuses and so J.R decides to take another approach. I think J.R prefers the latter, anyway. Bobby tries to get the truth about Emma out of  Harrison, but gets nothing. Bobby threatens Harrison, that he will find the truth, and Harrison better not have had anything to do with Emma’s disappearance.

Since he is such a friendly mood, J.R pays Pamela a visit. He informs her that she can forget about getting her hands on Ewing Energies. ‘I’m one for one for flushing out Pamela’s..I plan on being two for two.’ Classic line. Pamela delivers her payment to Rebecca. She tells her to leave town, but Rebecca wants help finding Tommy. Remember, Rebecca killed Tommy in Season one. Pamela tells Rebecca to ‘take the money.’

J.R succeeds in getting the U.S Attorney to drop the charges. Courtesy of a little blackmail, of course. Elena brings in a great deal, and so they all decide to give up some shares and give them to Elena.,making her an equal partner in Ewing Energies. John Ross agrees in order to help his image, and eventually use it to his advantage.

Frank betrays Pamela by sending Christopher a tape of Pamela threatening Tommy. He takes it to Rebecca and convinces her that maybe Pamela did something to Tommy. They head to the cops.

Bobby tracks down Harrison’s mother (Judith Light) and discovers that SHE kidnapped Emma, raised her London…and, Harrison was in on it!

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That’s the view from a ‘Real American Girl’


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