The question heard around the World: Nicole Barrett, Donald Trump, David Duke and the Media Firestorm

The person who asked Donald Trump the ‘David Duke‘ question, that sent shock waves, was identified this week. Nicole Barrett,the only Black Woman Radio/TV Talk Show Host in Dallas/Ft. Worth, who Hosts ‘The Nicole Barrett Show’, sat front row at Donald Trump’s now infamous Press Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas, on February 26th. Once he called on her, she asked, ‘Mr. Trump, how do you feel about the endorsement from David Duke?” He stated that he ‘disavowed’ the endorsement, but within 48 hours,during an appearance on CNN’s Jake Tapper, Mr. Trump appeared less sure of whether he would denounce an endorsement from David Duke, or other White Supremacists groups. Thus began the ‘War of Words’, between Trump, Duke, and the Media. With one simple question, Nicole Barrett became the person who ‘Stumped Trump’.


Nicole Barrett at the Fort Worth Press Conference for Donald Trump, seated next to White House Correspondent, Jonathan Karl.

I deeply believe that European Americans are losing our rights…I was treated by the Republican party, the same way they want to treat Donald Trump.” -David Duke

Nicole Barrett, invited Dr. David Duke on her radio show, Sunday night to discuss his views on immigration, race, and his history with the Ku Klux Klan. As the only Black Woman Talk Show Host in #5 market, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Nicole felt she was in the perfect position and it was the right time to take this story in a pivotal direction. Dr. Duke held back nothing on his concerns with the “Jewish dominated Media and Federal Reserve,” (his words) and the problems with crime from the Black community.


Nicole Barrett, Host- ‘The Nicole Barrett Show’

The decision to book David Duke on her show, did come with some backlash. “Some people felt I was trying to race bait, or discredit Trump. I simply asked a question, and followed the story from there,” said Barrett. “By having him on my show, with a nothing is off limits discussion, proves that it is possible to have these discussions. It may sound odd, but I respect, Dr. Duke. At least he says his TRUE feelings and does not alter them based on who he is talking too. With him, you know exactly where he stands…And, where you stand.”


David Duke shares his views on ‘The Nicole Barrett Show’

Read Fox 4 News Story Here

Listen to PART ONE, here:

The conversation became so spirited, Dr. Duke came back for PART TWO which aired on Sunday night!

Listen to PART TWO, here:

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About Nicole Barrett
Nicole Barrett is an Actress, Talk Show Host, and Sassy Southern Belle. ‘The Nicole Barrett Show’ radio format, features Hot Topics, Health news, and interviews with Legendary Stars, Icons, and History makers. Her TV show, by the same name, focuses on in depth interviews with Legendary Stars. Special Weekly Guest Co-Host, David Francis Cook, adds balance to the sometimes spirited conversations with his knowledge of World Affairs and Political Science. A partial list of Icons who have appeared: Lily Tomlin, Shirley Jones, Newt Gingrich, Jesse Jackson, Louis Gossett Jr., Tippi Hedren, Patti Duke, Victoria Rowell,  and more! Tune in every Sunday night at 7pm-8pm(CST) on KLIF 570am in Dallas/Ft. Worth, or listen LIVE Worldwide at



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